Thursday, June 15, 2017

I've been on holidays for the last three weeks now & I have had a bit of spare time to catch up on reading & watching tv.
Oh, it's been great. 

Since moving into my new home a bit over a month ago, I haven't really done anything special to my bookshelf. I literally just unboxed the books and threw them on the shelf- in no order. So they are all poorly placed all over the shelf.

 I so badly want to sort it and clean it up, but I so far haven't found the time just yet. I have another two weeks to go- so defiantly going to try to do something about it. 
I have a tonne of books that I want to donate. 


Harry & I share the shelf, but the majority of them are mine. 
And I have alot of books that I know that I'm never going to read again but I guess i've 'grown up' from them. So, I'm thinking about donating the John Green range, as well as I have a couple of duplicates... such as I have two of Lolita, two of the same books from the True book series, and possible two of the Gatsby?? 

Most of my duplicates are accidents from when I have been travelling and forgot to bring a book on the plane/ holiday and didn't realise that I already own it... opps! 

Out of the all the books on my shelf- these have to be my favourite/ books that I am currently... well this isn't including all my cooking books & collection of Frankie mags. 

Some of them I have read a couple of times- some I pick up every now and then. 
It's defiantly not because I don't find them interesting, I just get too excited when I buy a new book and stop reading the other ones. And now, I have too many books which are half read. 

Yes Please & Big Magic
I was recommended both of these books and are what I like to call my 'inspirational books'. I bought Yes Please back when I was in college around a year ago & I really love it even though I am half way though it. It's one of those books that I pick up every now and then and read a little more- but it feels like you're rewarding yourself when you are reading it. 

I only bought Big Magic yesterday!
I started to read it last night & so far it's wonderful. It has really great reviews too. It's supposed to be about writing & creativity & inspiration... everything that I need right now (haha). 

milk and honey 
Oh, milk and honey. This is defiantly one of my favourites- I read it in one sitting! It's a series of poems that are broken up into three sections. I won't give anything away.... When I had seen that it was poems, I didn't think that I would like it. But oh, it is so perfect it hurts. Really, do yourself a favour and buy this. It really is so special. It's everything. 

Gut & Sickened
This combination may not seem that great but it is! Gut is defiantly one of the most interesting reads so far. I never thought that I would be interested in that kind of *stuff* but it took me by suprise. It's wrote so well, so it's easy to understand and you certainly don't feel like you need to be a doctor to read it. For only $16 (and possible cheaper now) it's such an interesting read to understand how your gut works. 

I had finally finished reading Sickened last week. I have owned this book for years! It's a really interesting *true* story about a girl who is raised by her mother who has munchausen by proxy. Which is where the carer of the child always believes that they are sick in some way. I was inspired to pick it up after watching the latest Netflix documentary, Mommy dead and dearest. I found it all so interesting. 

Sweetbitter, Not That Kind of Girl & Perks of Being a Wallflower
I had to add in the Perks of being a Wallflower... It's not something that I am reading now, but I have read this book over & over. It was one of my favourites. I can clearly remember watching it when it came out at the movies & how I cried my eyes out literally the whole film. 

I STILL have not finished Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. I don't know what it is... Sometimes I find it quite hard to understand- like my brain isn't quite caught up to what is going on. It's been sitting in my bedside table since I have bought it, picking it up every now and then. 

I got given Sweetbitter for Christmas after spending months of trying to find it in bookstores and online. I found it on amazon & made an order. I wanted it because Emma Roberts posted about it on instagram & she has a great taste in books. Reading it takes me straight back to that time when I thought (actually believe this would happen) I wanted to be a chef and one year after I would leave school, I would live in Europe for the next two years cooking. HAHAH... good one. I learnt fast enough that theres a big different between enjoying to cook & being a chef. So thankfully, I can write & laugh about it now. 

Something to say 
This book is by one of my all time favourite magazines, Frankie. It's a collection of their favourite stories that where featured in the magazines. Funnily enough, I've kept every Frankie that I have bought from the start so I could always go back & be inspired by the stories. Now, I have a tonne of these magazines but I only ever need this! 
It's the perfect book to pick up every now and then & be inspired to write something new. 
I love it! 


What are you currently reading? 

BIG love, Em x

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