Friday, June 09, 2017

Last weekend Harry & I made a very slow trip down the coast. 

We first stopped off at Cudgen (5 minutes outside of Kingscliff) to see the sunflower fields at Farm & Co. Then headed down to Cabarita beach and spent some time defrosting in the sun before making our way down to Byron. 

Byron Bay is around 1 hour from the Gold Coast, which isn't too far away & it makes the perfect day trip. Honestly, I'm not too fazed by Byron. I more so enjoy the drive and stopping by at my favourite place, The Farm. Which is perfectly located just off the highway & 10 minutes to the main part of Byron. 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about it. 

It's like a breath of fresh air... Big areas of green, grassy fields and a big ol' shed with delicious food. 

And I was even more excited when I had seen that there was little piglets running around!! Oh my! They are just the cutest.

Last time I was at The Farm there was only chickens so it was really fun to see the little curly tail babies. 

This was the moment when I realised there was pigs!

This lady here is their mama. I wish I had taken a better photo of her but I was way too amused by the piglets. Her name is Rosie and she this photo doesn't do justice of how big she is! I was told that the adult pigs weight around 300- 350kgs. 

In a pen next door, there was HUGE male pigs. 

 Infront is the dining area & bakery. 

This here is the big shed where they make coffee and sell a huge range of baked goods. You can also pick up freshly farmed produce & many other knick knacks. 

Harry choose to get a JR Smokehouse BBQ sauce (which is delicious) but I was set on these Catch the Sun solar jar lights. 

-the reason why I didn't post this straight away is because I set one to my Aunty, Uncle & kids and I didn't want to ruin the surprise!-

Unfortunately I can't find the website to link where to buy them but they are a fantastic idea! You place the jar out in the sun & it absorbs the heat and at night you have a light up lantern. 

Since I wrote a feature story on disposable wardrobes and spoken to a couple of greenies, I have surprisingly taken a big interest in the environment. Harry & I are half way through watching WAR ON WASTE and have been considering lot's of new ways to ethically do everyday things. 

A couple of days ago we did a bit of a grocery shop & we decided that we wouldn't use plastic bags anymore. Which this has made me think about the foods that we are buying- as in how they are packaged and how to recycle better ect... But I've even been questioning what clothing we are buying. It's been a real eye opener, this last two months, on the damage that we are doing to the environment. 

After spending a bit of time walking around & enjoying The Farm, we headed to Byron Bay. 

You never used to have to pay for parking down there, and now it's paid & metered everywhere. So we only stayed for two hours, but it worked out well as that great big cloud that you can see blew over and it started raining. 

I would have liked to have headed up to the light house (that you can see just sticking out of the top of the green) but because it was so cloudy, there wouldn't have been much of a view. But it's defiantly a MUST DO if you ever visit Byron. It has amazing all-around views. 

Winter has just started in Australia, and although it looks so warm and lovely- it's been quite cold! This day was so deceiving because the sky was so blue & it was warm in the sun but you had to wear a big jumper because the wind is so cold. Oh... I really don't like winter at all! 


I hope you have all had a great week & are rugged up somewhere warm. 

Look out for another post soon! 

Big love, Em xx 

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