Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I thought that I would update my makeup routine... My last post was from May 2015- over two years ago!! I'll leave the link here if you would like to have a laugh... 

I titled my last post everyday 5 minute makeup tutorial but back then I wasn't using foundation, just a powder. And I didn't use a concealer or bronzer... so I was skipping alot of steps. I mean, go back two years ago and highlighting and beauty blenders wasn't really a thing yet. So I get it. 

It's so crazy how trends change over time. When it's happening you don't notice, but looking back at that post, you can really see the difference. I watched one of Shannnxo's super old video from 7 years ago and everything is so different. 

My everyday makeup routine takes me around 10 minutes to complete. 
Probably because I'm used to do it day in, day out that I am super speedy. And I have added in two extra steps at the end that I don't always do, which is highlighting & adding a lip colours. 

*of course this isn't something that I do every single day, but it's what I wear on the weekend or to work. And I can always play around by adding winged eyeliner or darker eyeshadow.

Ok, so time for an update! 

Step 1: Prepping the face
Before I start to apply any makeup- I always prep my face. I remove any excess makeup using the Garnier micellar cleansing water (in the pink bottle). I then wash my face using the Dermalogica daily superfoliant. 

I then use a touch of the Kate Somerville oil free moisturiser & prime my face using the professional primer by benefit. 

Step 2: Foundation
Using a damp (and very old chichi) beauty blender, I use a very small amount of the Estee Lauder double wear foundation in the shade ecru (1n2). A little bit of this goes a long way. This foundation has a medium- full coverage, super easy to blend, long wear and sets looking matte. 

Step 3: concealer
I then take the Nars radiant liquid concealer in the shade custard (medium 1) and place this on top of any impurities and spots that the foundation hasn't covered completely (under my nose, chin...) & use a small amount under my eyes to conceal any darkness. Then I go back in with my blender and blend it out. 

I love this concealer as it has VERY good coverage & is super long lasting... 
It never creases even after working a long day. 

Step 4: setting the face
I use a mix of the Australis ready set go translucent powder & the Too Faced chocolate cocoa powder foundation in the shade golden light. Ohhhh my goodness this smells so good! I take a big blending brush and set my face with the powders in very soft circle motions- making sure that I cover everywhere... all over my face, near the ears, jaw line, slightly down my neck ect... 

And the base is done! Yay! 

Step 5: blush & bronzer
I then give my face some warmth & colour.... For blush I use the Too Faced love flush in the shade baby love; which is a super natural looking blush- not too pink or too bright. I apply the blush very softly to the apples of my cheeks with a medium sized brush that I have slightly pinched the bristles to make it a more sculptured brush. 

For bronzer, I use the Balm cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer and apply on the cheeks, just under the blush, to give my face a little bit of definition. This bronzer isn't matte contour, so it defines with a little bit of shimmer. 

I decided to show a photo of what the Balms highlighter looks like- isn't it pretty! It's a very shimmery and soft champagne colour. I only wear highlighter occasionally- but added it in at the end as an extra step if you are looking for something a little extra. 

Applying the blush. 

Applying the bronzer. 

Step 6: brows
Ohhh my favourite part! 

I use the Zoeva 317 brush and lightly run the brush over the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in the shade soft brown and start to sculpt out my brows. 
It's super import to make sure that you are using a really light hand during this step, otherwise the brows will come out too dark and thick. I like mine to look full, yet natural so I am very careful on how I use the brush. 

I start off by taking the pointy part of the brush and follow the line, closet to my eye, up towards my arch of my brow, creating a straight line. I then do the same on the top, only starting slightly further away from the point, so they don't look too 'squared'. Then I softly sweeping the brush down my tail, just making it look a tiny bit full. And finish with pointing the brush upwards and lightly sweeping up through any missed parts of my brow.

To make them look more natural, I always brush through my brows with a spoolie. This makes the product look like hair like strokes and really breaks it up. 

I always alternate between the dipbrow & the Benefit goof proof pencil (shade 3) when I am lazy or in a rush. 

Brows are done & it's time to start on the eyes! 

Step 7: eye shadow
I wear eye shadow most days, but I always use really light golden, natural shades- just something to give the eyes a pop of colour and definition. If I was going out somewhere, I would choose darker shades & maybe a winged liner. 

Taking the Too Faced sweet peach palette and fluffy blending brush, I pick up the shade nectar (a gorgeous golden, yellow-y colour) and softy blend all over my lids. 
With the same brush, I take the shade puree (a burnt orange-y colour) and I blend that into the outside corner of my eyelids & on my crease. Really making sure that I have blended it really well into the lighter shade. And that's it!

Here is the palette without light. Ohh, look at those shades! 

And here is the palette with light. You can really see how the shimmer colours stand out. Look at bellini- it's a pinky shade with gold shimmer, so pretty. 

 Step 8: Mascara
The last step! 

S0 simple, I take the Too Faced better than sex mascara and give my lashes a single coat. Really making sure that I remove any excess off the brush to prevent clumping or too much product. 
Of course, if I was going out, I would curl my lashes & do a couple more coats... But for everyday makeup, it's not needed. 


Extra steps
- sometimes I might apply a little bit of highlighter to my high points of my checks, nose, chin and the inner corner of my eyes. 
- andddd it never hurts to use a bit of lipstick! For the photos below I used the Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in the shade exposed. I traced out my lips and added a put of the liner to the inside of my lips & then added a lip of paw paw lip ointment. Exposed is such a pretty everyday nude. I don't tend to use the matte liquid lipstick with it because it's quite thick. 

Ready to see some photos of me posing? Yes? 

Heres one last photo me... isn't it funny the things that you have to do to set up a photo?? 
I've got a nail polish box stacked on my bed and has been lifted by two photos hahah....

I really hope that you enjoyed this post! 

Let me know what you think or any ideas for my next post. 

Big love, Em xx 

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