Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Yippee! This right here is my 100th blog post! 
And I also just realised that I have had this blog for 2 years now. 
How exciting!

April really did fly straight past me. I had no idea until I saw that this would be my 100th post that two years has already past. Life is honestly going waaaay too fast. 

I probably could have hit the 100th mark a long time ago as I have a total of 208 draft posts that I have, for whatever the reason, never published. 

Today, I went around and gave Words By Emily Kate a bit of a clean-up. Since starting this page, I have been 'tidying' and changing up little things here & there, such as the icon colours, fonts, the way that I post ect... Some may be almost unoticatable, but it has defiantly changed completely over time! 

I first started the blog calling it 'Generally Emily'. Haha.. I have no idea why. I guess it rhymes? But I still sometimes cringe over 'words by Emily Kate'. I really don't know... I have never been quite settled on the name- but I've stuck to it because it is words... by Emily (Kate). 

SO, let's take a walk down memory lane... when it all begun. 

When I first started...
When I first started, I wanted to keep the blog quite private and build up my 'views' and 'followers' by myself. I could have easily shared it with all of my hundreds of Facebook friends at the time- but I didn't want people to stalk me on here. 

This also meant that I didn't want to 'reveal' myself. 

So, I don't think it was until late 2016, that I started to tell a little bit about myself. That's when I started to do life updates, and talk about going to college and a bit more personal things. And I am aware that I am still kind of closed off and not wanting to post certain things and I still haven't let many people know about it. 

I guess I find it refreshing that people don't know me and I don't feel like I have to write about certain things, just to please other people. It's all about what I'm interested in & it's completely a hobbie. So, 7300 page views gives me a really big smile because there are others out there that like the same things as me (or like stalking me, who knows). 
It's still pretty cool. 

My top post 
My most viewed post is Sleeping Beauty Hacks
It's racked up 214 views, which is double all of my other top posts (around 100 each). I think this has happened because I shared it on Pinterest & has since started to get some movement online. But it's personally now one of my favourite posts...
 I can still remember writing it, thinking it was so pointless and questioning myself (like my 208 other draft posts). Who would have ever thought it would be my top?

First 'review post' 
I'm pretty sure my first proper review post was the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit full review post. 
I had watched a stack of videos on youtube about the lip kits & I was like "I have to do a review on this!' I had just got my hair done & came home from the hair dressers and I was sooooo excited. 

Everything to do with a review post is so exciting & fun for me. I love taking the photos, trying out the product and giving my honest review. It's like show & tell. You know when you go shopping & get home and want to show everyone everything that you bought? It's like that. It's just so much fun!

Since then, I have posted a stack of beauty posts, hauls & reviews. Above each post's title, there is a little pink label with what the post is. If you click the one with 'beauty' or 'haul' you can see all of my other beauty or haul posts.  

That time I started a Youtube channel 
Haha.. oh this cracks me up. 
The worst part is that it wasn't that long ago! 

When I was studying my diploma of media & communications at college, one of my subjects was called communication technologies. One of the assignments was to make a youtube video and not to brag, but I did get 98% (defiantly bragging!). 

I just loved filming the videos & love youtube- so I decided that I would make a video. Then within a week, I posted a second video. I was so determined to become 'successful' on youtube. But I have a good camera, just not for filming, the audio as bad and my editing is ok.

I think it's hard for someone to give youtube a go these days because you are competing with others who have a large following and a lot of equipment and filming techniques. I know first hand that I wouldn't watch a video that wasn't 100% professionally put together & that is when I decided that I needed to delete the videos. But who knows, the love & wonder is still there for making videos. 

Sometimes I think when writing a post how much easier it could be to film it- like this for example. But until then, I'll be here online on this little place of the internet. 

Heres a picture of me realising how hard it is to do a tutorial. 
Yes, I gave up. 

BIG THANKYOU to everyone who follows me or even stopped by. 

As I said at the start, this blog is just a hobby & it makes me so happy to see that people are liking what I am posting, or interesting in what I am. 
You guys are the best. 


EM x 

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