Saturday, May 06, 2017

The last month has been very crazy... I've been so busy with assignments, interviewing for news stories and moving houses. 

I've had some really great days and a couple of really bad days. But most of April felt like a big celebration... Celebrating being together, people getting married, being in a new home, writing my first story... But of course there are always bad times that I don't usually talk about. But for this post, I thought that I would need to for it to be a big package with a bow on top!

This is a really big post, only because I decided to document it all as I go!
So, let's start with all the good things that have been happening. 

We celebrated four years together
Harry & I celebrated four years together a couple of weeks ago, which is pretty special. We had the perfect afternoon having a picnic of Justin Lanes pizza & a cheese platter. And it was perfect. It was one of those days where the day is warm and the afternoons begin to cool off and everything was just magic. 

We went to a wedding 
Harry & I went to his cousins wedding down at Yamba for the weekend. So we spent two nights down there, which was lovely. But because we had so many assignments due, it was a very rushed trip. We drove down late Friday night arriving around 10pm, went to the wedding on the Saturday, then woke up on Sunday morning at 8am and headed off back home. 

The wedding was such a beautiful day & after a lot of speculation of if it would rain, the weather ended up being just perfect. The only down fall was that I drank too many ciders!

I wrote my first feature story  
One of the classes that I am doing this trimester is feature writing, which is so exciting because it is something that I could dream of doing as a career! There are only 2 assignments for that class and they are two 50% feature stories. So I wrote my first on Currumbin Beach. 

I was so nervous to do an interview, but once the nerves went away, it was lovely and I loved every bit of it. One of the interviews I did went for two hours, which is crazy. But it was so interesting. But because I had 3 other assessments due, I couldn't put in the time to write it well so I defiantly wasn't proud of it. But I am going to spend some time after my next assignments are due & see what might happen!

I have one more due in the next three weeks, so I'm excited to do it all again. 

I tried the 'better than sex' mascara 
And it's legit! 

I bought it last week during my Mecca beauty haul. It's only $33 and worth every penny. The bottle is huge & you can feel that it feels heavy. And inside has so much product. I have to really wipe off the excess mascara before applying, but that's a good thing! But the proof is in the pudding- have a look at the pictures. That is the Better Than Sex mascara with only ONE coat. ONE COAT!!

*just ignore my eyebrows! I'm growing them out*

I spent some time at home
With all the assignments & packing & organising things- it was a bit stressful. Isn't it a weird feeling when you know that in ... time that something will be happening, like bad or stressful. And you get the weirdest feeling when it's happening and then all of a sudden it's over and it doesn't matter anymore? I think I'm getting a bit too deep here haha... 

I'm not one to snap photos whilst I'm out doing something, but the beach was too good not too. Harry & I headed  into Coolangatta Beach for a couple of hours where we went for a big walk, had breakfast and soaked up the sun. 
Another perfect day. 

Moving houses & having my money stolen
On Wednesday Harry & I moved into our new home! 

This last week has been so hectic. We had already half packed our house, but on the Monday we needed to finish it. And it was all that annoying stuff that you don't know what to do with it. 

Then, on Wednesday we spent the day moving. We started at 7am and stopped at 8.30pm that night! We did a couple of car trips to save a bit of money on removalists. We had everything into our new home around 2pm, then we did a little bit of unpacking & moving furniture around and went on a grocery shop. 

We had finally sat down at 8.30, after the grocery shop, and I checked my bank account because I had a lot of things to pay for like my phone bill, bond, rent at both places ect... anddddd I only had $6.24.

That was the icing on the cake after the longest day. 

I had my bank account hacked somehow and they took every bit of my money from my spending account. Luckily, I will be getting it back once then investigate the situation. It was featured on 9 news Queensland last night that it is something that is happening to a lot of people. It just sucks. After having such a long day moving, to have your money stolen... uh. It's just horrible. 

I was at uni all day Thursday and I hadn't felt that bad in ages. Then the worse part was on Friday having to go back to the old house and do the gardening, let the cleaners in, clean the deck and all that other running around that you have to do...  

But I am just SO HAPPY that Harry & I can finally have our own space again. Last night I cooked a roast dinner & had his mother over, which was so lovely. And this morning is the first time that I have stopped and been able to take time for myself. So here I am, with a cup of coffee, playing some soft music, writing a blog post and finally feeling just so happy & relaxed. Oh, this place is great. 


We want the house to be really minimal & have lot's of plants. 
Right now is the opposite, but I might write up a post when it's all finished. 

I hope you all have a happy day & thank you for reading. 

Big Love, Em x 

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