Monday, May 08, 2017

Hi there!

I have so many exciting things to come... I have just drawn up a plan for this blog that I am going to follow. Which means that I am going to try (my very hardest) to post 2-3 times a week! YAY! 

So each month I am going to be posting: 
*2x Cooking with Em 
*2x How to with Em 
* 2x beauty posts 
*2x random posts
*1x monthly update 
*1x 10 things post 
* and 1x what I've been wearing post 

How exciting! To keep updated on my posts make sure that you follow me by entering your email in the box to the right. 

But for now- this is an updated 5 minutes with Emily post. The last time I posted this was June 30th. A lot of things have changed since then, so why not post an update! 


Signature scent...
Forever obsessed with Poison by Dior. 

Weekend Hang out spot... 
The weather has been cool in the mornings & evenings- so I have been loving sitting somewhere in the sun and getting rugged up & enjoying a picnic. 

Favourite restaurant...
My heart has been broken since the Dumpling restaurant that I live close to shut down. I am still in search for a new place. I have to say that right now my favourite restaurant has to be my own kitchen. I have been loving getting back into the kitchen each night. 

My favourite label... 
I bought a pair of the Saltwater Sandals around 6 weeks ago and I have been wearing them almost every day. In terms of clothing: I am in love with St.Agni... they have the most beautiful clothing & shoes. Oh, I just wish that I could afford them!

Current Playlist...
It's very rare that my music gets shaken up. But let's see what's on my 'recently played list'...  I'm still listening to Banks (2 years later). I'm loving Lordes new music. I still jam to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers almost daily. 

Currently watching...
I've just finished watching all of Girls, Please Like Me & TWD. So I am currently not really into any tv shows. Although, the last month I have been watching Super Sized VS Super Skinny every night. 

Dream outfit...
My answer hasn't changed since last year- I will always be a t-shirt & jeans kind of girl! 

Wardrobe essentials...
Lot's of striped tees, cropped jeans, oversized knits & a denim jacket. It's all that I will ever need. 

Beauty essentials...
I have been loving so many different products lately... My skin has been breaking out from stress and tried the Kate Somerville Acne Treatment, which has been helping clear up my skin. 

My favourite beauty brand 
Right now I am still obsessing over Too Faced. My collection has really taken off since February! I use the peach palette quite regularly. I'm loving the Chocolate Powder. But what I'm really loving is the Better Than Sex Mascara. It's won my heart.  

Hair Goals?
Hmmm... I got my hair cut into a bob 11 months ago. My last trip to the hair dressers was the first time that I haven't had it cut. I love, love, love it short but I am wanting something more to play with. I'm just so conflicted with if I should keep it short or begin to grow it out. I really don't know!

What I've been reading
Sweet Bitter by Stephanie Danler has been sitting pretty on my beside. 

On my wish list...
Currently crushing on everything from St Agni. 
What I did today...
This morning I was up around 5am(ish) because Harry started work at 6am. I was just a typical Monday. I went to class for 5 hours, but everyone was sick with the flu, so I headed on home to work on my assignments... Although, here I am writing this post.
Procrastinating? No way. 


I hope you enjoyed this updated post. 

You'll defiantly be seeing more from me within the next few days- until then, have a lovely week!

Big Love, Em xx 

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