Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hello, hello! It has yet again been ages since I have posted... I am on uni *break* this week. But, it really isn't much of a break. Stay tuned for my next post where I'm doing a 'day in my life' combined with an April update. 

About 2 months ago now I posted to say that I was going to write a post about samples, or more so how to get free cosmetics samples. And it feels like that I have been waiting forever to finally be able to post this! 

This collection of samples has been something that I have gathered maybe other the past three months. And it defiantly wasn't intentional... I never set out to get these samples & I never asked anyone for the samples. 

I've explained below on how I got each of them- so keep reading!

I think if I had gone out to stores and asked for samples, then my stash would be huge... 
Beauty stores like Mecca & Sephora tend to give samples when you ask for them. As well as there are some brands that love to give you samples. As you will be able to see Estee Lauder is one of them! I've managed to collect 4 from them already.

How I got most of the samples
One word... Magazines!!

Most womens magazines have around 2-3 free samples within them! You basically pay $10 for a good read & a couple of samples. Which when compared to trial boxes, such as Bella Box, I think it works out cheaper. 

Magazines tend to have the free perfume trials and foundation pouches, which you can see above that I have two Marc Jacobs perfume samples and a couple of foundations. Side note: I did have more, but I have used them already!

The best one yet was from last months (March) Elle magazine which had one of the new benefit They're real lipsticks (valued at $49). It's basically for free! Unfortunately I have lost it, but it is a bright fuchsia colour... I tried it one night because it is 8hrs long wear- and it is such a good product! Didn't smudge and didn't come off when I ate. So very, very happy with that score! 

Foundation & primers 
Starting with my favourite... I got the Estee Launder Double Wear sample from Sephora and got about 5 wears out of it. Since I have tested the foundation, I haven't used anything else. They sold me! It's $50 a bottle, but if you wanted to, it would be very easy to go to different stores that stock Estee Lauder, like Myers & David Jones and keep getting samples. 

Both of the primers came from an Adore Beauty package. With every package with them they sent out 3 samples, so it's a great way to try new products. The Benefit Pore-fessional was such a great win because a standard size bottle of it costs $59. 

Yep, that's another Estee Lauder sample. I actually got that today when I picked up another bottle of foundation. Once again, I didn't ask for it, the lady at the counter put a couple of samples in my bag. Winning! 

Both of the Marc Jacobs & Beyonce Heat are from magazines. They are usually cardboard that is attached to the magazine, so I just cut them out and save them for when I want to use them. They are perfect to throw in your bag for when you are on the go! I find that if I don't cut them out then & there that I forget about them and they go to waste. 

Cremes & moisturisers 
And there it is... more Estee Lauder! I don't have much to say about these yet as I haven't tried them because they are very high-end. 

The Estee Lauder Night Repair retails as $150 for 50 ml and the Revitalising Supreme+ is $125 for 50ml! Which is so crazy expensive... I'm too scared to open them!

Cleansers & washes
Most of these have crazy long names and I have no idea what they do to be honest... 

*I have an ALPHAH micro cleanse super scrub with glycol acid & peppermint and retails for $43 for 100ml on Adore Beauty. 
*Aesop coriander seed body cleanser and is $49 for 500ml. Which really isn't that bag considering the size you are getting. 
*Formula 10.0.06 deep down detox which I love and have been using you a couple of years now. It's a mud mask, which comes in all different types and is super cheap. I think it's about $9 a bottle from Priceline and it lasts ages. 
*Dermalogica special cleansing gel... This is only $18 for 50mls which is really good. The Dermalogica brand is really good for skin as well. 

And lucky last... my favourite! This product was just launched: The Dermalogica daily superfoliant! It's $85 a bottle but it's sooo good. It's a grey powder where you add a small amount of water and mix until it forms a think consistency. It's like an exfoliant, but once washed off your skin feels so smooth and moisturised. It's supposed to be used daily, but I have been using it a couple of times a week. It's a really decent sized sample too and I've already had 8 uses and I'm not even half way through!


My tips!

To get free cosmetic samples, I find the easiest way is to buy magazines. As I said you get 2-3 samples & a good read. It's a win-win kind of deal!

I'm sure if you wanted to you could get away without buying any makeup. If you go around to different stores to try products, ask for a sample and they will more than likely give you some. 

And as you could see... I have alot of Estee Lauder samples. So a visit to Estee Lauder is defiantly worth it. 



I will have another post shortly. I'm writing start after I post this so I won't neglect my blog for too long. 

Thanks for reading. 

Big Love, Emily x

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