Thursday, April 27, 2017

I've left it too long again, haven't I? I always swear that I won't get uni get the better of me and take up all my time, but it does. It takes up every bit of every time... The last couple of weeks have been really hectic. I'm moving house very soon & I had had assignment after assignment at uni. 

Before class today, I remembered that I was given a $100 Mecca voucher for my birthday and I decided that I need to spend it. It was time. I finished my classes, went for a drink at the uni bar and made my way home and stopped by Mecca and treated myself to a few goodies. Andddd, finally after a 12 hour day of being out of the house, I am cuddled up in bed writing this post. And I'm going to start my show & tell! 

Here are all the lovely goodies that I picked up tonight. All together it costs $141 in total. 
But I had a gift card & only had to pay $41. Yay!

I am so excited to try this! As I said I am in bed with my makeup off, so I am going to give it ago tomorrow. It was the first thing that I put in my basket because I was so sure that I wanted it. Theres so much hype around this mascara, so I really can not wait to try! 

These are my little free treats that I picked up. I have always wanted to try GlamGlow but they are crazy expensive ($90-$100 a jar) but amazing. I was given a sample of the 'power mud' (smells like delicious fruits) and the 'foam cleanser' (smells minty). 

And the little eye bud looking things are by Kate Somerville. They are a pimple clearing thingy. I was told that you break off the white cotton top at the blue line and that releases the product onto the red-y end and apply it on the targeted pimple and apparently it gets rid of them like magic. 
I can not wait to try the three of these! 

I was really set on buying the cocoa contour powder, but I am so glad that I got this instead. This is amazing! I tried this in Mecca and yes, it smells like you have dipped your face in chocolate. Incredible. 

The packaging is stunning. The smell is delicious. The product is magical. No one does makeup the way that Too Faced does. And I am so in love with this powder.  

I really needed a decent concealer. Not for under the eyes, but for covering blotches and pimples. I don't get pimples often, but occasionally around my mouth and I really needed something good to cover them with as crappy concealers creases around the mouth. 

I am impressed by this product. I had a choice between a little pot that was matte or the liquid which has more of a natural look, so I went with that. $44 is pretty insane, but most of the concealers in Mecca was around the $40 mark. The only thing that I was surprised by was the shade which is called 'custard' and is medium 1. It fits me perfectly, so I am glad that I was tested as I would have never picked up a little bit darker shade like that. 

Oh, I am so happy I got this! I have had terribly dry heels that have been quite sore from cracking. I have been having foot spa's and moisturising with MooGoo twice a day. But this... Ohhh. I tried it before after a shower and it took off all of the dead skin and my heels feel so nice again. Still a long way to go, but still so smooth. Super happy with this purchase!


I am super happy with all of my purchases! I'm so glad that I treated myself. 

This is only a super short post, but I am writing a couple more at the moment, which I should hopefully spread out to post over the next couple of weeks whilst I move houses and when all the assessments and exams come flooding in. 

Thanks for reading. 

Big love, Em xx

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