Saturday, March 04, 2017

Ohhhhh my goodness- I am so excited to talk about this! 

As you know, last week it was my birthday and I was gifted the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette. This is the first big high-end makeup/ cosmetic item that I own, so I am still so excited to have such a glamours palette. 

I got it from Mecca last Saturday and I had never really looked into owning anything like this before. It was the second time that I had actually gone into a Mecca because let's be real- I wouldn't have any money left if I did! When I saw that it was in stock- I knew immediately that's what I wanted and I wasn't interested in anything else. 

Does it really smell like peaches?

I was speaking to someone about expensive makeup the other day and they said how they loved *insert brand* palette and my response was "yeah, but it doesn't smell like peaches." It was that simple. What separated alot of the high end products is that they have different shades and of course the quality. So what completely sets Too Faced out from any other brand is that they always seem to go the extra mile- and to me- that they smell incredible! 

Yes! It smells just like peaches. Just like how the Chocolate Bar palette smells like chocolate. It's insane to think about how they have done it, but hey, they have. Even after hours of wear- I can lightly touch my lids and smell peaches. To me, as I was saying above, the fact that it smells is what sold me. No other brand has anything like this and I think that's why it is so popular. 

How pigmented are the shades?
First of all- all of the shades are stunning! 

There is a range of matte, simmer & glitter shades that are based around the peachy colours. I have tested them all and have found that I have been impressed with all of them. In saying that, the shimmer shades are the most highly pigmented and easiest to work with. 

My favourite-
 I love, love, love luscious, bellini and bless her heart. 
I am super excited to work with bless her heart as it's a shimmery, dark green shade and I think working that with the browns would be lovely. But most of all am still obsessed with bellini and luscious together with some of the matte shades. They all work together so perfectly. 

The photos really do not do justice of the colours. I am defiantly going to put together a tutorial showing you of different looks that you can create with the palette. 

If you couldn't tell by now, I am so happy that I own this. I think it is defiantly something to invest in because you can create so many combinations with it. The shades are beautiful and highly pigmented, they blend so easily together and are long lasting. And the smell! As I said, there are so many eye shadow palettes out, but theres only one that smells like peaches! 

My lovely friends gave me a $100 Mecca voucher for my birthday and I have been that very shortly- Too Faced is bringing out a Naturals palette which looks amazing. Maybe I might get that? 

Thanks for reading!

Much love, 
                                   Emily x

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