Saturday, March 04, 2017

Hi there- I hope you are all enjoying you're Saturday! 
I have had quite a lovely morning... I have been to the shops to pick up a new pair of Converses for uni and then I have been reading articles and some practice writing. 

This morning when I was getting dressed for the day I was thinking about how simple my style is. Most days I usually wear a tee shirt with a pair of jeans. Just something really basic and comfortable. So I decided to write a post on what accessories that I pair my day to day outfit without. 

I bought this watch from The Horse around Christmas time the previous year (2015). I really wanted to spoil myself and get a watch for work because I don't carry my phone on me. But what I really love most about the watch is that it has such a beautiful nude coloured leather band. I thought I would need to replace it all the time and considered getting a tan coloured, but I've worn the watch every day for almost a year and a half and the condition of the band is great. When I finally decide to buy a new band, I'm still going to pick the nude colour because I am in love with it. 

Harry bought me this bracelet for my 21st birthday and it's something so simple and delicate- oh, I just love it. Before owning this bracelet I would only ever wear the beaded Pandora charm bracelet, which was quick heavy and chunky. I love this piece because it's so minimal & delicate. 

I love pandora rings because you can throw a heap of them on and have a statement piece. They are quite expensive, so I only have the one that I choose to wear only for special occasions. It has the same tiny beading that matches the bracelet.

I purchased these hoops a couple of weeks ago to wear for my birthday. As I have a couple of piercings up both ears, I don't tend to wear any statement earrings often. These caught my eye and I have own them a couple of times already. I think they are really fun and dress up an outfit.
Apart from these big hoops, I mostly wear basic (and cheap) studs. 

I decided to add in shoes as well as... 
To uni I wear converse everyday. They are so comfy and I love the relaxed look that they give. And they can be super cute with the right dress. I have only every owned a black pair but they are so old and worn that I went out and bought a new white pair. 

Apart from the sneakers, I love wearing sliders and little leather slip-on boat shoes. I do wear Burkinstocks quite often but I am very selective with what I wear them with. 

I did include my little E broach that I purchased from SportsGirl last week! Because it is still very warm- I have just been pairing it with my stripped shirt (Forever New). I think it looks super cute & gives that little bit of an extra touch! I can't wait to pair it with a denim jacket in winter. 

With love, 
                                        Emily x

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