Thursday, March 02, 2017

Ahhhh, my first week of uni is over! 

So far I have only been there for 2 days- but both mornings I have been stuck in struggle street trying to decide what to wear for the day. I guess some mornings I just wake up and decide that I no longer own any wearable clothes.
Both days I have ended up wearing jeans & plain tee and both of those days have been a huge mistake as it has been around 30 degrees! Not fun... 

I had this same problem last semester until I discovered an app called 'Snupps' on instagram. 

So, what is it?
Basically what Snupps is kind of like Pinterest. Kind of. 
All you do is create shelves (similar to boards on Pinterest) and then you can upload your photos onto your board. The shelves that I have are for makeup, home, OOTD & a makeup product shelf. 

So in the mornings when I have no idea what to wear I can go onto my OOTD (outfit of the day) shelf and be inspire by something that I have worn before. And it can easily remind me of a top that I like, or how I've worn it. I keep all mine with a record of where I have bought the clothes from, shoes I wore with it, what makeup I have done and how I have worn my hair. I love it!

I have two for makeup... The first one is what I used to keep photos of makeup looks that I have created before. So this is perfect when I am going out & want to recreate a look that I have done before.
And the other makeup shelf is just photos of everything that I own or have owned with a review of the cosmetic. This is perfect because before I use a product or go to buy something I can have a look at the shelf and remember that I didn't like it or that I have something similar already. 

Other ideas...
Snupps could be used for a whole range of things... 
I like the idea of it being able to record things that you have, particularly makeup and clothes. I defiantly think by having photos of everything that you own in your closet can be extremely helpful because you can see it all in the palm of your hand, instead of throwing it around the room and making a mess (well, that's what I do!) 

I think it can save you money because you can see everything that you own, you are less inclined to buy new things. But it's also great that you can keep a collection of all the shoes that you own, or every book that you have read with a review... 


So that's a quick post for today! 

Let me know if you have the app & what you do that helps you get ready in the morning in the comment box below. I'd love to hear from you! 

Much love, 
                                    Em x

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