Saturday, March 11, 2017

The last two weeks have been quite busy for me. I started back at university 2 weeks ago and it's all been quite a rush of finding out where your classes are, meeting lots of new faces- mostly just getting used to my new schedule. 

After the last 2 weeks, Harry & I thought it would be a great idea to visit our home away from home. Just to have a little getaway and spend sometime together. And it was lovely. We came down on Friday night- where we had dinner, kicked back and watched some tv. Which is honestly all I wanted to do! I just wanted to relax and spend some quality alone time together. And we did exactly that! 

And today (Saturday) we headed down to checkout Fingal Beach and then had a drive through my hometown at Kingscliff. Fingal is around 10 minutes away from Kingscliff and is such a lovely little town. Every time that I visit so many memories come flooding back to me. 

I used to come here all the time when I was younger and first got my P's. Before I could drive - my friend and I would walk from Kingscliff to Dreamtime occasionally. I used to come here to have long days at the beach and bonfires in the evening.
Whilst I was there, I snapped a few photos so I could show you this beautiful treasure that is close to home. 

Fingal has little bush walk that you need to take to get to the beach. You either take the walk down to Dreamtime or continue straight which leads you to the headland where you will see the lighthouse. Because of the wind, we didn't head down this track and tracked up to the headland. 

Here is the first glimpse of the ocean through the trees. 

This is the lighthouse that is on top of the headland. 

This here is a little piece of land off Fingal called Cook Island. 

This is one side of the headland. Where you can see the buildings is Coolangatta. 

From this side of the headland here you can see Kingscliff which curves around to the left and is where I walked from Kingscliff to Dreamtime a couple of times with a friend. And in the opposite corner of the photo, you can just see Mount Warning. The views from up here are incredible. 

This little bit here with crystal clear water is Dreamtime beach. It's usually quite busy but because of the wind there was only a couple of people there.

Right out there in the middle between Cook Island and the rocks was around 10 or more dolphins that where having a play. 

Sometimes when you become so busy, you almost forget about all the hidden treasures around you... And sometimes all you need is a day away at the beach to find your feet again. 

Visiting places like this just reminds me of how lucky I am to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. And today was exactly what I needed. 

Thanks for reading & enjoy your weekend. 
Em x

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