Monday, February 20, 2017

Hello again!  

This post will be showing you how I achieve gel nails at home, just like what you would get done at the salon, using the Sally Hason Pro Gel Kit. 

This is a bit different to standard 'gel' nail polishes as there are three simple steps involved & a UV light to set your nails. 

AND it's super easy & quick to use! It only takes around 10 minutes for gel nails at home and *bonus* they can be chip free for up to 2 weeks. 

The UV light is super simple to use. All you need to do is plug it into a powerpoint and when you are ready to use, press the button on top and the light will be on for 30 seconds. When I set my nails under the lights I tend to do it for a minute or a minute and a half so all you need to do is press the button 2-3 times. 

I picked up my kit from Priceline Pharmacy about 2 years ago (or more) for roughly half price around $45. It comes with 4 nail polishes for each different step that I will explain through the post. But there are heaps of different gel choices and heaps of different UV light machines. You can even pick up a single finger life pretty cheap, too. 

So let's begin! 

Here we have the 4 different polishes that come in the pack... But there are only three steps. Step 2 is your choice of nail colour. In this post I used 'shall we dance' as it's a really nice nudey-pink that is right up my ally. Sally Hansen does have a huge range of step 2 colours available. 

This is my hands. I have no nails. 
When I wear nail polish I don't bite them, so I am trying my hardest to keep them pretty & painted. 

Step one: Start off with washed & cleaned hands. If you have old nail polish on them, make sure to remove it before beginning. And if you have just used nail polish remover, it's important to make sure you wash any product off your hands, otherwise you're painting your nails over the remover which is basically taking away the paint. 

Step two: Paint your nails using 'step one' which is a clear, kinda stinky, coating. I see it as a primer to get your nails ready for the colour. Kind of like priming your face before applying makeup. 

Step three: pop one hand underneath the UV light. I pressed the button twice (one minute) just to make sure the base is set properly. 
Don't worry if your thumb doesn't fit, you can always do your thumbs by themselves. 

Step four: take a colour of your choice & paint. I choose 'shall we dance' and put under the light for a minute each hand. 

Because the shade 'shall we dance' is very nude, I repeated this step 3 times. I painted a coat and set for one minute and then painted again, set, painted and set again... With most darker shades you can get away with only one coat. 

Step five: I applied a couple of coats of polish to get to my desired colour and then I finished using 'step 3'. This is the last step and is the gel coat layer. It's super glossy when applied. 

Step six: once you have finished setting step 3, your nails will almost be done! You will notice that coat has made them very sticky, so it is important that you use a Sally Hansen Nail Cleanser Pad to wipe away the dewey excess. 
Don't worry- it won't remove any of the polish! One you have wiped each nail over, give your hands a wash & you are all done! 

And voila!

Beautiful, shiny, gel nails done at home & all by yourself!

Much Love, 

                          Emily x 

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