Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I have been super dooper non-stop busy since Friday (five days ago) and finally have taken the time to sit back, give myself a quick break from study & type up a February life update! 

I knew that this week was going to be crazy... 
I went out for my birthday on Saturday night, it was my birthday on Sunday & started my first day of uni on Monday.

My birthday
On Sunday it was my birthday and I was hungover AF basically the whole day. I swear I might have been on Monday in class too! I went to a little hidden Hawaiian bar & drank cocktails from pineapples all night which resulted to be being close to dying on Sunday...
On Sunday I went out to lunch with my mum & had a quite BBQ at my boyfriends mums house.

After I got home from dinner- full panic set in. I realised that I have class at 8am and I done nothing to prepare for it. So I was running around in my tired state, throwing pens and books into my backpack... I have learnt not to do this ever again haha...

I was super spoiled though! And I still can't get over the fact that I have the Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallete!! I literally can not stop smelling & playing with it... I am obsessed!
The palette is first big makeup thing that I own & I can get over that I actually have it. And my lovely friends pitched in and got me a $100 Mecca voucher- which I lost it when I seen it. Omg... I was already so happy getting the Sweet Peach pallete & to think about that I now can get something else... Ohhhhh. I can't. This is too much excitement!
I am going to be careful with what I spent it on because I want it to be a little investment.
But- because I do own it & adore it- I am going to write a post about it!

First day back at uni 
I had my first lecture at 8am and I was as tired as anything and a little bit nervous because as I looked around a lot of people already knew each other- but I ran into one of my friends from college and have class with him every Monday! It was so good to see a friendly face and made me feel so much relaxed.

I honestly left uni that afternoon with no clue with what was going on. I think it was because I was so tired that I wasn't concentrating in class.
Most of all- I am just so happy that I didn't have any anxiety or panic attacks!
It was so good being back & learning again. 

Bargin hunter
Whilst waiting for my garage door buzzer battery to be replaced- I thought be the perfect excuse to do some quick shopping.
At the moment retailers are going through that change of season. So winter clothes are being put out and the rest of it is going on clearance for really cheap.

Sportsgirl had an extra 50% off the red ticket sale. Everything was ridiculously cheap! I only bought a $10 from $40 tee, pants that where $70 down to $20, hair clips that were $16 down to $2.50 & a letter 'E' pin for $2 from $8.

I have completely fallen in love with the pin and went back to see if they had the letter 'M' so I could wear it on denim saying "EM". I think it's super cool & would look great on my denim jacket or even on a stripped shirt to give it that little extra detail. 

Pillow talk was so cheap too! I bought 5 item for $8.55. If they where full price it would have cost $83. That is such a huge saving!! 

The first photo is of two candle holder sticks that I picked up for $1 each. 
I also got two smaller little peachy pink candle holders that also where $1 each. 
But I must admit that the big white vase was defiantly the best... It was originally $35 and I purchased for $5 simply because it had the smallest little chip on it. If you have it facing the back, no one will ever notice. Actually, even front on you can hardly notice!

For only $8.55 I think they are so cute & give that little pop of colour that I love around the house. 

Making Granola 
Before I did a little bit of study today I decided I wanted to make some muesli bars for uni. I didn't follow a recipe- I tried to fluke it but it didn't work out... It did turn into a crunchy granola snack. 
I'm happy with it! 

All I did was measure around 2-3 cups of plain oats, 1/2 a cup of walnuts, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 cup of flour, vanilla essence, drizzle of honey, around 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil, a few dark choc chips and baked for around 40 minutes. 

I think if I made this without the chocolate chips that I would be perfect to add on top of my smoothie  bowl for breakfast each morning.
But for now it is the most delicious little crunchy snack. 

I hope you are all having a good week! 
Look out for another post soon- I have a post that I am typing at the moment where I am trying samples (most expensive) and reviewing them. Oh, and I will defiantly be writing a Sweet Peach post! AND... waiting to receive the Silicone blender. HOW EXCITING!

Much love, 
                                            Em x

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