Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 Welcome to my (long overdue) first post of 2017! 

Over the past 5 weeks I have wrote 17 blog posts and I just cannot bring myself to post any of them...   On this page I have posted 82 posts and I have 181 draft posts. I have once again been so busy working and I've been down to Melbourne twice in the last two months and heading back in a couple of days. Honestly, this year hasn't started off the best and I have to keep reminding myself that even though the last couple of weeks have been horrible, there is 348 days left of the year that can be good ones. 

I promised myself this year that I was going to get back to posting proper posts on my blog & I am starting off with my favourite beauty products! So let's go!

*Side note: of course, I still have last years favourite products that are The Balm Manizers (I used religiously), ABH brow pomade & beauty blenders ect... 

I have been meaning to do a post on this foundation for months now! I have been searching for the perfect foundation for honestly my whole life haha... And I finally called of the search party in October 2016. Over the years I had purchased a huge amount of foundation. Every time I would finish a bottle, I would try sometime new. One afternoon I decided to head to Sephora so I could grab a few samples and thats was when I first tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade Ecru! 

This foundation is perfect! It honestly lasts all day and it has a full to medium coverage. I use such a minimal amount on the back of my hand and apply with a damp beauty blender and the outcome is magical. It covers so well that I don't even use a concealer for my blemishes and it's never felt cakey on my skin. The foundation doesn't contain any oils, so that also means that I'm not breaking out. Oh goss, I could go on about this forever and a day! If I haven't sold you yet, click here and read the comments are the end of the website. It is worth every penny. 

This here is my go-to look- full eyebrows, gold lids & a pinky nudey lip! Let's appreciate how beautiful this foundation is that's hiding all my blemishes. 

This single lipstick is the first (and probably only) designer product that I own and it cracks me up thinking about. 

Honestly, this lipstick is the holy grail of lipsticks! Last year I was completely swept away with the Kylie Cosmetic Matt Liquid Lipsticks, which this product doesn't compare to them. If you go back another year, to 2015, I was terrified of lipsticks. I believed that lipsticks where only for old people haha. Now, I wear one everyday! I was also terrified of wearing red lipstick as it can be very hard to find a shade that matches your pigments. I saw a girl working at Sephora wearing the most beautiful bright red shade. She had blonde hair and the same skin tone as me so I asked her and purchased it without thinking. And it is gorgeous! I occasionally wear it to work and someone always gives me a compliment. 

The lipstick is in the shade Cora Cora, but the range of lip colours are unreal. I tried alot of them out and they where very pigmented. They apply very creamily and almost look matte, but do not dry out. I can wear this lipstick all day and I only need to touch it up after eating. All of the shades are amazing and defiantly a must try next time your in Sephora! 

This is Cora Cora on the lips. It's a beautiful, creamy, orange-y bright red lipstick & matches perfectly with a bronzed makeup look. P.s this was taken before owning the double wear foundation (see, look at my chin!) 

I had always been unsure if I should purchase this mascara as there are mixed reviews online and quite expensive ($42). Back in May last year I purchased a mini bottle for $20 and I am still using it today! 
This product is so great for building length- all it takes its a couple of coats and a good lash lift to looking like you are wearing falsies. Once again, it's defiantly a must try! 

Brow's & mascara... the two products that I couldn't go without!

This is my winged eye liner look... I do a really fine winged to make my eyes pop. Here I used my sculptured brows using ABH dip brow pomade & lashes using They're Real.

I have been using the product every night for months now & I love it! This cleaner is a natural (without all the baddies) make up removing wash. It literally does exactly what the bottle says and for around $10 a bottle that last a couple of months- you can't go wrong with the product. And once again, read the comments if you're not sold. 

And here is another favourite winged liner with a pinky nudey lip (Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics). 

LIP ENHANCER: Too Faced Lip Injections
Surprise, surprise... another lip product made it! I got a 3 pack of the Too Faced lip injections for Christmas in the shades clear, light nudey colour & a clear purply colour. All you need to do is apply to the gloss to your lips, feel the subtle tingle and your lips become slightly fuller and plump! I'm not one to get actual lip injections, but these glosses are perfect for giving you that slight extra fullness. And they all smell incredible! It wouldn't be Too Faced if it didn't smell good, right? 

Here I am with a red red lip, Miley buns & false lashes that I miss so much. Take away the buns & do a little curl, this would be my full glam look. 


So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post & look out for many more to come within the next year! 

Much love, Em x

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