Tuesday, November 08, 2016


So you would know that I have been MIA again... And this time wasn't because I'm simply lazy. It's been over 2 weeks since I have actually been at home with a day off and I finally have the acai bowl that I have been craving for the longest time. So let me tell you about whats been going on in the world of Emily. 

Just me, getting a classic tourist shot with tulips. 

A short trip to Melbourne 
I don't know when the last time was that I visited my family in Melbourne, thats how long it has been. Over the last few years I have been so caught up with working full time, and over the last year a  tough combination of both. 

The trip was very bittersweet...

I was happy to be there to see my family but it was for all the wrong reasons. And as much as I was enjoying time with my loved ones, I was full of guilt because I had lost so much time with them. It took me a good couple of days to realise that there is no point being upset that you can't get that time back and accept that I change that in the future. 

After 3 nights and 3 long days of hanging out at the hospital, I went with some of my family on a short day trip to Sky High at Mount Dandenong, which was just magical. 

I went to a terrarium shop in Olinda called Little Lands which I fell completely in love with (and now making my own terrariums!). I am honestly obsessed with greenery. Santa, if you're reading this... please send me a Marimo moss ball. I also had a real hot chocolate, saw a New Found Lander dog thats head was bigger then mine (and probably smarter than me) and had a few classic tourist pics that you can see below. 

 Flying into Melbourne City (of lights)

Here, through the mist, you can see the city. 

If you really squint your eyes, you can see the city again. 

This photo does no justice on how big this dog is. 

Just me with a huge dog. 

My first news story was published 
Yep! The first news story that I have wrote was published in this mornings news paper and I am more than happy. It was chopped and changed a little but, but it's a start. Who would of thought that my work would ever make it into a news paper? Defiantly not I! 

You can actually open up a news paper, flick to the page and see my name. It's amazing! 


I have this great idea that maybe if I don't promise to write more, I will. You know, reverse phycology? Let's see if it works. 

Hopefully see you soon. 

Love Em x 

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