Friday, October 07, 2016

I have finally finished college!! 

It's very bittersweet that it's over. Even though it was absolutely crazy and has made me 'loose it' a few times too many... I am defiantly going to miss that place. 

The last week and a half has been absolutely magical. I had successfully passed all my subjects, had been accepted into uni, I received 3 academic awards from my teachers and another award from being a free in class tutor thing and to top it off, hopefully my story will be getting published in the local newspaper. But of course, I'm not getting too excited incase it doesn't happen!

Now I have a 5 month break until I start university... Which is way too long! So this post should hopefully be my last about college and my first of weekly posts that I always promise to do... 

What I learned during my year at college... 

1. Don't say that you're at university to make yourself feel better
It is what it is. Don't do a Emily. When someone asks you, don't say that you are a university student. Because you're not. And it's defiantly not a bad thing that you should feel ashamed of.  I have had far too many awkward conversations where I have told someone that I am a university student and they ask what university I attend and it turns out they are there too, so then you have to dig your hole and admit that your on the other side of the bridge... Not really a uni student. And it gets so awkward. By the end of it I had died of embarrassment and no longer cared. Be proud of what you are doing and embrace the idea of college.

2. Everything that people say about full time study is true 
I have honestly never been so stressed in my life... Literally any student I know has told me about how hard it's going to be and how you never have any money or time to do anything. Its all true. Believe them.

3. Except for making friends... that's not true
I don't know about you but everyone told me that when you go to university or college that the people you meet will be life long friends. That defiantly wasn't the case. And there defiantly wasn't any frat parties. I don't know if its because I am a mature aged student (that whole sentence makes me cringe) but it just didn't happen to me. I spent the first semester trying to fit in and then gave up because I was there to study and I'm old enough to not be insecure about myself or should I say sitting by myself in classes. Long story short, this worked out great for me because I ACTUALLY started to learn and did really well in my second semester. Which leads me too...

4. Embrace the nerd from within 
After realising that I making friends at uni is all bullshit and started studying,  I realised that it still isn't cool to study. This all stemmed from when I was the only person who put my hand up when asked "who did their weekly home work?" After that I stopped admitting that I was actually trying for good grades. But I honestly have no regrets about being a nerd. So the moral of the post is being is nerd is cool in my books! 

I just want to say a big THANKYOU for all you lovely people that stick around. I have some great ideas that I really want to start working, one of them being that you should see a new space soon! As much as I love blogging, there is something else that I discovered that I love more. 

So watch this space because there is something new coming soon! 

Much love, Emily x 

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