Sunday, October 16, 2016

I honestly can't believe that another year has gone by... Can you believe it's been over a year since I wrote the best makeup tutorials for halloween? It feels like it was yesterday! 

It's only 3 weekends away until Halloween... I must admit is a holiday that I never celebrate and with all these crazy clown that are taking over the world, it's a big nope from me! Even though I don't celebrate it, I love all watching all the makeup tutorials! And I have notice that really in the last 24 hours, videos have been popping up everywhere. HOW EXCITING!

So let's get into it... Here is my favourite Halloween makeup tutorials for 2016!

Bad Plastic Surgery
This tutorial from Laure Lee though!! I haven't seen anything like this before and I think it's so different but also really creepy at the same time. Defiantly one of my favourite videos of this year!

Melted Barbie
I saw a picture of someone on instagram re-creating this look and I tried to find a video! I know this video was posted last year but this is exactly the look.  If you want to watch how FreshBlush created the 'melted' look then skip the video to 8 mins. This is also so different and I think would draw so much attend

The vampire look is always a great idea for Halloween because all you need is to wear black and pop in some fangs. This youtuber has created the perfect eye makeup with sculptured cheeks! And would be perfect with a black choker.

Mermaid makeup has been popular at festivals recently and I think it's the perfect alternative for those who are not into all the blood and gory that Halloween has to offer! Brianna Fox has created this beautiful tutorial and is a must watch. 

Oh my goodness- this look is everything! I know I said that the bad plastic sugary video is my favourite but if I so happen to celebrate Halloween this year (very unlikely haha...) then this is what I'm going to do! All you need is some killer bold winged eyeliner, strong bronzer and dark golden lips. I'm in love!

So there it is... my top 5 favourite Halloween looks for 2016! 

Next week I will be posting my annual Halloween films to watch. So stay tuned guys! 

Thanks for reading, 

Em xx 

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