THE BROKE GIRLS GUIDE: 5 money saving tips

Thursday, July 07, 2016


It's Wednesday, and as promised, here is my first offical weekly the Broke Girls Guide post! This post is just a super quick starter post with a few little hot tips and suggestions for saving money and living on a budget. Then, my next following posts will be more in depth of that subject, like the 5 that I posted in my introductory post. So let's begin! 

5 money saving tips!

Some of these tips may seem quite basic and something that you already may know or heard you're parents drone on about again and again. The reason why I chose to add them is sometimes we forget. My Dory brain defiantly does!
One perfect example of knowing something, but not applying it is when someone says that they don't have any money, maybe even says it over and over again. But then you find that you don't want to work/ doesn't show up to work/ doesn't ask for more shifts. And your answer as to why you have no money is self explanatory! I literally know way too many people who do this! I myself have been a victim of the 'poor me' game. When I was 15 and first started working I used to whinge and whine about working for 3 days, 3 hours a day. But enough about that, you guys know what I'm on about!

As I was saying above, in order to have money you must make money. And like I also said above, I know so many people who whinge about not having money but not wanting to work. Making money is so easy! How do you make money?
 a) get a job
b) work hard
Work your little butt of every day. It pays off. Your boss sees that you're a dedicated and hard worker= more shifts. More shifts= more money. More money= more play. There honestly is nothing easier than that!

This is defiantly something that I suck at. But if you can create a budget or how much allowance you have left week and put away x amount of money each week... it grows and grows and eventually you get to go on that marvellous holiday. I think we always forget about this. Especially when the bills come rolling in and we get caught up in life. Putting a little money away each week really does go so far.
Put away a little $10 a week= $520 a year.
Put away $50 a week= $2600 a year.

An innocent breakfast date once a week costing an average $15 each time works out to be $782 a year. If you buy lunch once a week- that's another $782 a year. And if you have dinner and a drink once a week for $30- that's $1560. Now, if you have 1x $15 breakfast, 1x $15 lunch and 1x $30 dinner once a week... thats a total of $3124 a year!! And let's agree, we all eat out more than we think! And if you like going out... don't get me started on how much we spend on alcohol each week.
Becoming aware of where your money is going towards is so important. And at the end of the day, we all know eating at home is boring, but cutting just one meal out a week can save you so many $$ in the long run. 

Seriously. Think about the last time you went to the shops on an empty stomach... I know when I do, I walk out owning the whole of isle 2. This makes you buy so much extra crap that you really just don't need. It's bad for you and bad for your wallet.

If you can't give up $10 or $20 a week; get a money tin that doesn't open. They are less than $5 from the 2 dollar shop, for a big one. And any time you have left over change, put it in the tin. I started off filling up money tins under 2 years ago. I went from only silvers, to golds and silvers combined. But you can defiantly throw in a note or two every now and then! Since I started using the tin with my boyfriend, the coins left over from coffee had paid for us to have 2 fully paid holidays to the Sunshine Coast (including spending one), 1 trip to Sydney (flights & spending money), 2 removals trucks ($200 each) and a whole new queen bed package (frame, mattress, 2 bedside tables, chest of drawers for $1100) All paid for in coins.

The small silver coin really does go a longgggg way.

Ching ching!


I hope you guys enjoyed my first post!

Keep your eyes peeled for next Wednesday because I will have my 2nd Broke Girls Guide up that afternoon.

Thanks again,

Emily xx 

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