Friday, July 22, 2016


I have been going through a dry season again for post motivation, and I have a lot on my mind, so I thought it would be a great idea on this beautiful Friday to do a super quick life update post. 

Firstly, I must say, today is soo lovely! After having a 'cold' Australian winter for the last 2 weeks or so, today is finally warm! The sun is out, there is a nice cool wind and it's 27 degree. You could say that todays weather is my dream day. Gosh, I'm cool! 

University update...
I have just finished week 4 at uni and this is where I learnt last sem that all of the hustle and bustle begins. Shit. I'm so not ready for this! Although, this semester has been pretty fun (so far!). In journalism we have been writing news stories each week, we are doing a PR campaign, another class we get to play drama games and for the Friday class we have developed a blog that we get to post on each week. I probably just made uni sound super cool and fun, but there is so much more academic things that go on in the back ground. 

The last month has been a huge struggle for me. 
For the first time since I have started uni, I have financially struggled. After a few hectic weeks, I am actually on my two feet and saving again finally. I wrote on a recent post how I had $1300 of car bills to be paid, a phone bill and $350 of text books. So that completely ate up my savings. So, finally this week I can live normally again. Well, I mean, I am just not allowing myself to splurge on anything for awhile. 

The Broke Girls Guide? 
You also may have been wondering what happened to my BGG series... Well, I created that when my bank account was DRY AF and had ideas on how I was going to *inspire* others to save and all that jazz. But really, I don't have a freaking clue yet. So for now, the series is on hold until I get a grip on myself and my mature adult life that I am supposed to be living. 

And now it's Friday and I am completely dead! 
I am mentally drained and saturated in information, tried, slightly hungry and supposed to be attending an event tonight. Which, I highly doubt I will be. 

Oh, the life of a poor-mature-adult-struggling-student. 

I promise I will post soon!

Emily Kate. 

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