The *almost* holiday from hell??

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hey guys! 

Sorry I have been out of town lately (literally...)! I thought for this post I would give an update on every thing I did this semester holidays. 

The first week...
I finished my last exam on a Tuesday and was straight back into work at 6am Wednesday morning. It felt so surreal heading back to work full time... I had worked full time for years and I defiantly struggled the first 6 months of this year to find my place at work. Note: I have not found it yet! 

Originally, I was one who ran of the same hours Monday- Friday and although I did different things everyday- I still had an 'idea' of what I was there to do at work. So bouncing back into work was incredibly tiresome and felt very weird. I feel asleep as soon as I got home from work on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. But it was defiantly so nice to spend time with the lovely people that I work with. 

I actually went on a holiday!
I hadn't been on a holiday for TWO YEARS! Yep! During my last mid semester break I thought it would be a good idea to book a 2 nights stay in Noosa for the weekend as my boyfriend and I both really NEEDED a holiday. We where well over due. 

But unfortunately, this time of year at work is pretty much a black zone to have holidays because of the toy sale. I was supposed to cancel my holidays and probably couldn't take them until January next year, which is really freaking crazy because it's so far away! But me being Emily: I kept forgetting. 

But in the end there was a MIRACLE! 

Work ended up not needing me over the weekend, so I found out last Wednesday that I can still go on my little holiday. And I was so happy! Noosa here we come!

I'll start by telling a quick story of day one in Noosa. I have tried to make it as compact as possible, so you can imagine whilst I tell the story there are lots of things that happened have been left out...

I was so excited Saturday morning to head to Noosa. If you are not too sure where that is, it's about an hour and a half (maybe even two) from Brisbane City. It took about 3 hours from the Gold Coast for Harry & I to get there. 

But it turned into hell... 

We had booked online to stay at a resort in Noosa and we where pretty familiar with the company as we had stayed with them a couple of times before in other locations. On arrived at the check in point, I was told that we where staying at the place, but had to check in at some other place a street away. Long story short: when I checked in at the office I was told that there was no access to the main street or the pool and the shower takes 5 minutes to warm up... Great. 

Anyways, we headed back to the hotel and went to see our room which was right down the very back. Of course, when you go anywhere, you check out the room. Now, I have watched too many episodes of Hotel Impossible and already I could tell from the look of the door that this place was going to be pretty shitty. 

At first I went into the bathroom and saw that the shower was inside was a PINK SPA BATH WHICH WAS COVERED IN DEAD GIANT MOTHS AND ANTS EVERYWHERE. I can not begin to explain how many ants there was. It was disgusting. The whole unit was filthy. There was cobwebs, ants and sand EVERYWHERE. The front desk couldn't help us and said to get in contact with the other office. So we did. The cleaners couldn't come back into until tomorrow. But worse, all they could do is offer us $200 for our next stay with them. That is the last thing I want! At this point, I had a little teary thinking that we had drove 3 hours and now can't shower until tomorrow and the place was so terrible! 

Harry & I decided to head back into the office to ask for our money back. On the way we stopped at another place and found that we could get a completely clean and new studio for the same price. Which was in the centre of town AND had three working pools & spa. Long story short again, we where told to call some telemarket place and miracisiously... we where refunded! 


So, 3-4 hours later and with the sun heading down, we where FINALLY in a lovely little holiday getaway! And with the little time left, we headed down to the beach. 

This day rained ALL DAY, but it was so lovely to just be relaxing. We woke up early and headed down to get some breaky. Then did a little bush walking. Which if you have been to Noosa before you will know just how great it is. The air is so fresh! And on the way back it was about to pour down with rain so we looked at some of the shops and headed back inside to watch the all new Orange is the New Black. It feels like it had been forever that I was waiting for the new season to start! Andddd... that was pretty much day two. It just rained & we just relaxed. 

Day 3 
I'm not going to classify today as a holiday as we woke up at 6 am and headed straight home so Harry could head off to work and I could be online to select my next semester timetable. And here I am! I now have about a list of 10 important things that need doing because I have neglected getting stuff done for so long it's all caught up, but of course, I'm procrastinating again!

Only a few more days of break... 
I have so much to do over the next few days its not funny. I need to get new text books, sell my own, throw out a pile of clothes thats been sitting in the office since before I moved, clean up all my junk, get my hair done and the list goes... And of course work. 

Will I still be filming?
I actually loved recording the 2 youtube videos and would love to do it again but I feel like I need to invest in a proper camera, lights and probably a microphone. But I still really love typing this post just as much. I don't know. One of my videos took over an hour to upload and that was after the file had been compressed. I had no idea how time consuming it would all be. But the answer is yes. I am just finding out what feels right right now. 

Anyways, I will be back soon. 

Thanks for reading! 

Much love, Em xx 

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