A BROKE GIRLS GUIDE: an introduction into my new blog series!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hi all & welcome back! 
Today marks the day where I am releasing an exciting series to launch on Words By Emily Kate blog... 


This new series of blog posts will be just like my last series, The Happiness Project which all started with how I'm being a happy person. I found that this series was particularly helped me get through a time in my life and really helped me to discover a lot about myself. Because I am now a 'broke uni student' I thought it would be extremely helpful to start a 'broke girls guide' series for not only myself, but for all you other students out there that follow my blog. Or you know, even if you are not a student this is simply going to be super helpful ways to save money or simply how to do things cheaper.

I have already posted a bit of ways to save money on clothes, shopping, and even as much so as cheap ways to clean your home. I think everyone needs to know a more cheaper and effective way to do things that save ourselves time and money!

I didn't realised that I would have a money issue when I started uni. And to be honest, I was doing fine. I mean, I was still on the same budget that I always had but then I needed to buy 4 new text books & 3 letters of $1300 car bills turned up... I realised that this is the struggle that everyone is talking about. When tempted me to save myself & hopefully some others too!

What you're expected to see...
  • Super easy, fast & cheap meals that are healthy
  • A guide to saving money more effectively 
  • How to shop & save
  • Budget beauty products
  • Treating yo self on a budget

So keep your eyes peeled & follow my instagram to keep update for when these post go live


Much Love, Em xx 

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