Unpopular opinion: I really do love presentations

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Has it already been over a month since I have last blogged? 

I swear I am the most laziest blogger haha.... Anyway, it's Thursday and I am home from uni. And this means one thing: week 10 is already over! Over all meaning: there are only 3 weeks and a couple of days left of uni to go until semester 1 is over! But really what I mean is: that I am drowning in assignments. 

I am 1/5 assignments down with 3 finals exams to go. 

Actually writing that down seems like alot more than what I actually thought it would be... Do semesters always go this fast?? Because before I know it I'm going to be 24 and graduating. And that's a scary thought. 

So, my unpopular opinion today is that: I really love giving presentations. 

I honestly don't have a clue of to why and where this has come from, I just do. No, I wear I am not crazy.... It's all new to me. I have only just realised this this year after I was first giving a microphone to PA with at work. And it all evolved after I volunteered to give the first presentation of my journalism class in the early stage of week 4. And since then, todays marks the day that I have give my third presentation. 

And I secretly love it.  

But in all honesty, this is something that I am not ready to admit to. I feel ashamed that whilst everyone is cringing/ crying/ peeing their pants that I am some-what enjoying standing in front of a class and speaking aloud.

This isn't to say that I don't get nervous, because oh I do! And it's not to say that I'm great at it. I stumble, I almost pee my pants but I laugh at myself and all in all I just have a good time.

Don't judge, please.

Anyways, this is all I can give you for now.
But a promise is a promise and I promise that there will be more posts up reaaaaally soon.

Happy days

Em x

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