The best 5 makeup tips for a ROUND face

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This post goes out to all the girls who have the roundest of the roundest and the circlest of the circlest of faces! 

To be quite honest; I used to spent a great deal of time hating my face when I was a teenager. Remember: this was an era of pre contouring, highlighting, and making yourself look like a whole new person. I remember when I used to do my makeup I would literally just rub some kind of think cream with my hands over my face, put on a little bit of mascara and the look was completed. Defiantly not my proudest moment from my teenage life... 

Anyways, we have the millesimals to thank for all the sculpturing that we can now do to out face. Here is my top 5 tips for making a round face, well... not so round! 

1. Contouring
You really need to make contouring your best friend! It probably took me a good 20 trials, 10 YouTube videos and many, many uncertainties before I was able to successfully 'sculpt' my face. I tried powders, contouring sets, concealers in the darkest shade possible but they really where not working for me. In the end, the easiest way I learnt to archive this was to: 
1. start light
2. use a nice soft bronzer
3. Instead of the traditional 'bronze your cheek bones': instead lightly dap underneath your cheek bones. The best way to do this is by pouting with some fishy lips. 
4. Keep it simple until your confident to build it up.

2. The little bit above your lip
You know that little curve between your lip and your nose? Kind of like a little ridged dint? Yeah, that. My favourite thing to do is to very lightly (and carefully) dab with your finger the tiniest amount of the same bronzer that you put on your cheeks. That little dap of colour gives a round face so much shape. 

3. Big, big brows
Oh, I love a good brow. I always see everyone on Instagram sporting the most beautiful brows, but then I step out into the real world and it's actually so rare to find someone nice brows. I think I have always loved brows because they play such a huge role on a round face. They are really the only thing on your face that naturally gives you shape. My suggestion is:
1. Go to a Benefit Brow Bar. Those girls work wonders. 
2. Watch a million tutorials until you know how to fill them properly 
3. Repeat step 1 and 2.

4. Wing it 
Winged eyeliner is another way to gain shape! I wouldn't suggest just a line, it defiantly needs that little flick at the end. 

5. Add some colour
One way that you can defiantly take the focus away from your face is to wear lipstick. Over lining your lips can really help, but I'm not one for that. By adding a deep red or a slight pop of colour it is really going to take away any unwanted attention.

But most of all- just embrace your lovely round face! 

EM x 

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