Found I finally found a hair cut that I love

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Finally... After years of attempting to have long luscious, mermaid blonde hair (and of course, always failing to do this by being lazy, dying hair brown and giving into the bob cut); I have FINALLY found a hair cut that I actually love. 

I have had long hair for as long as I have known. And really, it's always been a battle between loving it, hating it, chopping it and crying for the next 2 years until it grows back. One of the reasons why I got the snip was because I don't think that I suited my hair anymore. Weird, I know. But I honestly believed that it was my style. I don't even have a style though. I just found that long, blonde, gold coast hair didn't really suit me. 

Firstly, here is 5 reasons why I love long hair:
1. It's girly & pretty 
2. It looks amazing when styled 
3. I love mermaid hair
4. You can do cool braids
5. Did I mention it's pretty already?

And here are 5 reasons why I loathed long hair: 
1. Washing hair takes 5 hours
2. Brushing hair takes 5 hours
3. Curling or straightening hair takes 5 hours
4. Shampoo/ conditioner/ hair cuts/ foils cost $5000 
5. And it takes 5 days to dry naturally 

So, after months of complaining that my hair is annoying/ expensive/ timely/ keeps getting caught under things: I did what any girl would do and get my hair cut there and then. 

I am now rocking the bob cut. And loving it! (excuse the terrible photo)

5 Reasons why I love the cool girl bob: 
1. The first time I washed my hair it literally took 2 minutes and required the smallest amount of product 
2. Brushing hair took 30 seconds
3. My hair took 2 minutes to dry naturally
4. It required no styling, not even after sleeping on it (it actually looked better)
5. I now have the cutest top knot! 

To be honest, it technically it's only been 22 hours since I cut my hair, so I guess I am in the romantic stage. And, I am probably going to cry at some point this week for cutting my hair. But overall, this is the best adult decision that I have made in maybe, ever. It is honestly the simplest, easiest hair, low macitence cut that I have ever had. 

Girls, make the cut. You will not regret it. 

Emily x 

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