Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE online shopping. It honestly beats rampaging through the shops, bumping into things, dodging people, feeling the pressure to purchase something... Like have I told you already that I'm just looking?! 

Anyways, not even going to go up that alley... you all know what I'm talking about! 

 I have already dedicated a few posts towards my love for online shopping & here is another review: Adore Beauty. 

I have honestly never bought cosmetics online. Well, apart from EVO hair product (because they are impossible to find in shops). I somehow, during the procrastination of my neglected studies, stumbled across Adore Beauty. 

(Photos attached below) 

So, what is it?

It's a beauty website that literally sells every product. It has hair care... all the biggest brands of cosmetics... and the best part that they have alot of smaller, kind of like samples, that you can try. I was contemplating buying the Benefit They're Real mascara that I have wanted to buy for what feels like forever. You can buy a little one for $20, but unfortunately it didn't make the cut because I was just a little bit excited and had a shopping cart of $400+.  Oh, why can't I have everything! 

What I purchased... 

EVO Shampoo & Conditioner
I ended up buying the usual shampoo and conditioner that I always get buy EVO hair. I was first introduced to EVO about a year and a half ago, from my hair dresser and I have fallen in love ever since. Of course, you may be thinking $30 for each of a shampoo and conditioner is pretty expensive, but really you need to try it! They both last honestly a good solid couple of months. Because they actually do their job, you only need such a small amount to make your hair healthy and perfect. 

EVO Fabuloso purple shampoo
I am so excited to use this! I have heard such amazing reviews on this product. Why use purple of all colours in blonde hair? Well, it stripes out all of the orange and brassy tones and leaves your pretty blonde hair looking fresh. The bottle was $40, but I must say it is HUGE. Last time I used purple shampoo that was half of the size of this it honestly lasted me over 6 months. You only need to use this one a week to keep your hair looking clean. Can not wait to try! I will do a review shortly. 

Benefit How to look the best at everything set 
I am benefit obsessed and slowly, but surely, I am building up a little collection of their products. I purchased the How to Look The Best At Everything set in Light. What I love is that it's the cutest little book like packaging (so cute!) and it has a couple of little bits and bobs for me to try. I love that this lets me sample the products before I make the decision if I like it or not. I have tried the Boi-ing concleaer before and was super happy with it. 

The Balm: Betty Lou Manizer
Not going to lie, I purchased the wrong one. I was supposed to buy the Mary Lou Minizer that I've been meaning to try for a such a long time. But hey, I'm not complaining because I'm was meaning to get it at some point of time. This is a super pigmented bronzer, perfect for contouring. It's super soft on and has a slight shimmer, which is nice because alot of contour pallets are matte. It also blends really well. I can't wait to see the results once I have Mary Lou! One day... 

The Review... 

I was super happy with the website. It's so easy to use! I also loved that if you order before 1pm on the day that you receive next day delivery because let's be real, no one wants to order online and wait 5-7 shipping days. So, the postage was really quick. I ordered on Monday at 5pm and recieved it today (Wednesday) at 10pm. And they threw in a couple of samples today. Yay for freebies! 

So overall I would recommend the shopping from Adore Beauty! I actually think that I have committed to re-stocking all my makeup from this website... 

(All of my purchase) 

SO excited to try this!! 

Once again, in love with Benefits packaging!

And, the Balm's Betty- Lou Manizer. So pretty....

See you next time, 

Em xx

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