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Thursday, April 07, 2016

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I feel like my life is spinning out of control. Although, through all the shit things that are happening, I was kind of beating myself up and forcing myself to act positive and pretend it's ok. Because you know... practice what you preach! 

I feel like I have finally hit adulthood. And boy, did I hit it hard! If anything right now could go wrong, it most certainly had. So let me begin my whinge... 

So I have only been at uni for 5 weeks. I have already handed in an essay and now I'm about to have my first 2 exams in years. But I'm not really stressed about uni because I am on top of it (yay). On top  of all this new year stuff, I have already talked about how I don't work full time anymore and how weird it feels. It's a new thing for me, but it's working out well. 

Ok, so, on top of exams, uni and work... My lease had ended and I have officially 2 weeks to find somewhere to live. So my house is half packed and the rest of my crap is scattered everywhere. I even sold my bed just so I can get a new one. Yes, that means I'm sleeping on a fold up foam mattress on the floor. But it's really not that bad. 

Now on top of exams, uni, work and moving... I have been going to the doctors for the last couple of weeks because I thought I was lactose intolerant or something. I don't know, my digestive system is out of order I guess. Pretty much my intestines are inflamed. Great. And I found out last night that I am the lucky girl who gets to have colonoscopy. You know what that is, I don't have to explain. 

So I'm going to be on a 5 day diet of pretty much liquids just so I can get a camera up my butt, whilst moving houses during in mid term exams, and working. Goodie!

So my question is: has anyone had a colonoscopy before? 
Please help me. 
Life is far too hot to handle right now and I feel like this

 You know when you're in one of those moods where nothing is going your way for what seems like forever? Well I ended up randomly splurging and bought tickets to Vita Von Teese Strip Strip Hooray! show. Which is probably the weirdest/non helpful thing that I could have done at a time like this. I figured seeing people dance around naked might make me feel better hehe. 

Em x 

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