THP: PART FIVE- getting it done

Sunday, March 06, 2016

ft. goddess KIKK K

I am obsessed with Kikki K. I anyone who knows me knows this! What I love most is that it is not just another cute stationary shop. Every book and pen is made to do something special. Every year Kikki K brings out a new range of books which come in different factors like health, happiness, being successful ect... I have a couple of these books which I have collected over the last few years which have helped me immensely in becoming a better person. I have the goals, happiness, gratitude and 101 dreams journals amongst other lovely things. Each book is broken down carefully into different progresses so you can plan or work on yourself in small bits of a time.

As you know, I have spent my first week at uni this week. And what a crazy week it has been! Because it has been the first week, I needed to do a LOT of organisation for uni, but also for life in general. I spent from 8.30 today to 4pm on Friday just getting things done... Which now I am relaxing enjoying coconut yogurt and typing. Yay!

Over the last month I have really been focusing on ourselves and changing the way we think, blah blah you know what I'm talking about! So this weeks project is still about feeling good but in a different way. Think about your brain when you have 50 things to do. You and your brain become cluttered, blurry, busy, stressed, anxious, annoyed, negative... just to name a few! So this week is all about the importance and how to get everything done, being organised and keeping your mind happy. There are so many studies about how the most people are successful and that is because they plan & are always organised. One of the most importance things to working on and achieving your goals is making sure that you never let the picture go out of site. This is especially why we plan and why Kikki K breaks down these sectors into making your dreams achievable. 


Yep. Really. Writing a check list no matter how big or small the jobs are or how little or many is really so satisfying when you tick them off. You're getting shit done! You feel good. You're brain feels good. Even if it is something that we don't like doing like a pap smear (ugh) or check up at the dentist for example, neglecting it isn't going to make it go away! You have do it. Instead- just get it over and done with. Book an appointment. Get it done. Tick it off. Feel good!  

Sometimes, you might find yourself (just like me on Friday) trying to tackle a list of 20 or so errands in one day because you have been avoiding them because you have been too *busy*. 

You can be super organised by always having a notepad in your bedside table or wherever you normally are and jot things to do as you go & plan in your diary when you are doing to do them. I mean, logically, this would be the smarter way- but it doesn't always happen like that! So, you can do exactly what I did today and reserve a whole day of getting shit done! I had a day off and was like 'right, this is happening and now' and wrote down a whole page of notes to do (that I had been putting off for like 2 weeks) and didn't stop until I had finished them. However you do it, just make sure you get it done!

And diaries. And reminders. And morning alarms. Really, whatever gets your remembering that you have things to do! This was what I was talking about above about being logical! Diaries are the best way to be able to take notes and plan them in when you can do them. You open it up the night before, or on the day, and voila- you have everything down what you need to do & planned. For example: you might have uni between 8.30-12.30pm... Work between 4-9pm... So if you happen to need to pay a visit to the post office, or other adultly things, you can see when you can go. 

 I do love having a big monthly calendar! Unlike a diary where you can only see what is a head daily (unless you turn over of course) having a monthly calendar is great because you can highlight and pinpoint over the next month when event take place! It feels so great to know that you have everything planned out to the extent that you can. You can look in the month of October and set yourself a reminder for someones birthday or, see what is a head for work and what uni assignments are due in the next month. These two are completely 110% necessary to get yourself organised!

No matter what it is... your bedroom/ study/ life... being organised is so important! Now, I'm not saying that my bed is always perfectly made, I have crazy OCD or I am always on time, early, prepared. Oh no. I swear I try! But I am defiantly not anywhere near perfect. All of have our own way of being organised. As I was saying above, diaries and calendars are such a great way to get yourself organised. You can map out anything you need to! You can see ahead and plan. If it's daily, the night before plan when you need to wake up and things that you need to get done. Once you can get into the process of being organised it will become so easy and helpful.

The photo above is one of one the goals planner which is so insanely helpful when it comes to planning goals or things to do. Start big. Break it down into small steps. Check them off as you go. And work towards your goal! I used this when I got my first car loan, to help me work towards paying it off as quickly as possible. And this also helped me move out of home. I have attached a photo below!

I started with the Goal was to move out of home. Wrote why I wanted it: independence, freedom, and I don't think self knowledge and worth was really apart but I think I was aiming towards I just wanted to be able to grow on my own. I then wrote what was stopping me, which was because I worked 20 hours a week, I had no money and no furniture. At this point you think it's very unachievable! Then, I broke it down into how I need to start collecting little items week by week, getting hours at work (which I landed full-time work when I asked!), I found a home, and I moved! It defiantly wasn't the nicest of homes or in a good area, but I did what I needed to do at the time. And yeah, something that seemed like it would never happened- all worked out!


Being grateful is such a wonderful thing. No matter how little or how big, if you truely are thankful and can appreciate something- you will feel so good about yourself! How nice does it feel when someone appreciated something that you have done for them? Great, right? Exactly.

Sometimes it might be extremely hard to find something that you feel thankful for. And it can be really easy to fall on the wagon when you are trying to be appreciative. This isn't something that happens over night. It takes time! So start small. Start the day knowing that you are thankful that you are alive/ healthy/ have a roof over your head and food in your belly. There is so much to be grateful for! Shift your mind to see all the lovely things that the world has to offer.

Here is a list of things to be grateful for to start off with

  • that you are alive, happy and healthy 
  • you have a roof over your head & food in your stomache
  • You have clothes to wear everyday & a car to drive 
  • you have people who love you & care for you 
If you have a calendar or diary, everyday as soon as you wakeup- write down on the date something that you are grateful for. And every night write down something that has made you happy. Sometimes you might have a little, sometimes you might have lots of thoughts. If you can write them down somewhere, when you are feeling down, read them. And bring yourself back to that happy place! 

If you are interested in any of the Kikki K books or stationary, you can find it here: 

I hope that you have been enjoying reading my THP posts. I have loved writing them! Every week I have been finding little snippets of my life that I need to improve of, so I thought attaching this progress to my blog would be a wonderful idea! 

I love you all!

Em xxx

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