THP PART TWO: Instant mood boosters

Monday, February 08, 2016


Last week I posted a little post on how I'm being a happy person. And I decided that this is something that defiantly needs to be a weekly occurrence! We all need a little extra sparkle in our lives! 

Last week I talked about saying goodbye to Debby downers, surrounding yourself with good people, changing what you can and accepting what you can not, saying hello and taking control of your moods. This weeks 5 is going to about... 

-Instant mood boosters- 

Sometimes we just need a little extra sparkle to control ourselves and our moods. And in last weeks post, I talked about the importance of thinking before you speak. Is it worth it? Is it worth being angry about?  Blah, blah, blah... if you don't know what I'm talking about go read it! 

1. Dance it off 
Yes, really! I love to sing and dance- it makes me so happy & makes me forget all of my troubles! What are some of your favourite songs right now that make you want to let loose and take you to a happy place? Write down a few songs (mood boosters) and try to keep them stored in your brain. It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it makes you feel good. Now every time you notice that you are in a negative mind frame and need to get out or not feeling 100%- you need to think of those songs! Literally start singing, hum, dance, and if you can: turn it up as loud as you can and get silly! If you have chosen a song that can take you to a happy place every time, then you know it's working! 

Whats mine? You ask...
I have always been obsessed with the movie Centre Stage and every single time I hear the Chilli Peppers 'Higher Ground'- I get so excited and whip out this weird and wonderful aerobics, ballet choreography and I feel like I can take on the world again whilst leaping back and forth across the room! Especially when I ace that arm grab hump thing haha... just watch

2. Compliment & make someones day
How god damn good does it feel when someone genuinely compliments you! If you are feeling horrible about yourself, one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel better is by throwing someone else a compliment! Complimenting is free. It's easy. It's just an overall nice thing to do. Compliment their clothes, their hair,  their work ethic, their courage... Compliment strangers. Compliment people you know. Why the hell not compliment the whole world?! 

When you put someone down, or gossip about a person, it makes you feel guilty and insecure.. wether you wanted that person to find out or not.  So in that order, complimenting does the complete opposite effect. Not only does it more than likely make their day, but it also makes yourself feel great. Because yep, that's because you did a great thing. 

3. Keep your ears open  
Another easy mood booster, like complimenting, is simply showing someone that you care. It's so rewarding to ask someone how they are and actually listen. So next time you ask someone how you are, do your best to remember. You don't have to remember exactly but just know if they mentions some kind of troubles just say "Hey! How are you? Last time we talked you mentioned something about having car troubles? Hows everything going with that?"

And I bet when you walk away that they would be so surprised that you remembered, asked and acknowledged the problem by showing that you cared. Then so on and so forth- people will start doing it back to you! Over the next week, give this ago. Just start with one person, and slowly build it up until it becomes natural for you. Because remember practise makes perfect! And why? You might be asking... because it feels good to care! Oh, and good karma of course!! 

4. Control what you see online
Oh, I remember in high school telling me that every time someone posted something negative on Facebook, they just deleted them! At the time I'm like what on Earth is this crazy person doing/ talking about... everyone is negative! But honestly, it's a freaking great idea! Obviously, you can't stop yourself from all the pain, hurt, suffering and all the rest that is exposed to you on social media. But you can take charge. Yeah! 

How often have you seen someone on Facebook, or Instagram and said "why are we even still friends?" Or have someone who just posts annoying content or is constantly posting life updates about how their boyfriend broke up with her, she's now single and loving it, now she's hating it and needs a boyfriend, oh wait- are they back together again? Just DELETE them! Of course, don't drain yourself and try to remove all 1000 friends at once! Slowly work through your feed and every time you see something that you don't want. Just remove them, or block them. 

This also includes on Instagram! Like Facebook, remove all of those unwanted Debby Downers. Instead, replace them with accounts that post cute positive quotes. 

5. Set yourself little reminders 
You should always have little happy reminders around to remind you of happy places. It's like of like finding your favourite song, but without music. Or, you know, doing both would be an excellent idea!  Here are some little things you can do to visually take you to a happy state of mind: 

- Have cute little photos of places/ things that mean something special to you?  Like have you ever had the most wonderful day and snapped a photo? Yeah! Have it displayed in your room, desktop screen, photo screen.. anywhere really! 

-A happy scrap book is a great idea! Like above but with ALOT of favourite pictures/ memories/ quotes- start a scrap book with all those great times. Whenever you are feeling down, just open up the book and there will be a world of happiness and love in there. 

- If your a social media person, follow lots of positive quotes or inspiration accounts online... anything that makes you feel good really! 


So that's it for another week! I can't wait for you to see what's next which is going to be 'it's the little things post!' How exciting! 

I love reading your comments & reply to everyone. Do you guys have anything tips on mood boosters or little things that you like to do to get you to that happy place? I would love to know. 

Em x 

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