THP PART THREE: Make the most of your week

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I'm posting this weeks post a day early because I won't be online tomorrow! But anyways...

Welcome back to the Happiness Project! For this weeks topic I'm going to talk about the importance of little things. The first two weeks have mostly been about focusing on yourself and changing the way that we think. This week is all about getting through the daily grind. 

Do you ever feel like life is on repeat? The working week goes terribly slow, yet the weekend is over in a flash. I find a lot of us are wasting our time, especially during the week on a Monday to Friday. We do everything in such a boring routine and then we live our lives on the weekend? That's not living! If this is what are doing for the rest of our lives, shouldn't we be making the most of every single moment? 

This weeks 5 topics should challenge the way that we think, so we can make the most of every day.  

Change the way you think of the dreaded Monday
When you think of Monday, what do you associate it with? It's right there in the heading... horrible... long... slow... you're back at work... you wish it was the weekend?  One of the things that I can't stand is when people treat Monday like it's the end of the world. 

"Hello! How are you today?" 
"Yeah... good for a Monday, I guess." 

What does that even mean? Good for a Monday? This really is the worst response that you can give someone. If someone is asking how you are... please never say this. It's depressing. Instead of focusing on the negatives of a Monday... try super hard to see it has a positive...
Monday is the start of a fresh new week. Get excited! Think about things that you don't particularly enjoy and the words that you associate with them. Try to change those negative meanings to positive meanings!

Shake up your routine 
I work a Monday to Friday job- from 6am to 2pm. It can get quite repetitive, but only if I let it. See, you can do the same routine every morning... wakeup at a certain time, eat the same cereal, do the same job, finish on time everyday, get home and do the same errands. Boring! 

Shake up your receptive life! I like to do something different every day that still includes my same routine. For example: some mornings I might wake up 10 minutes earlier to braid my hair or sometimes I might have an extra sleep and not wear any makeup. Then in some afternoons I might binge watch a tv series, and some I will go out for a swim or walk. Doing little things that you enjoy every day (and in moderation of course!) will make the week go faster, and you will actually enjoy it! It take away the whole Monday- Friday same old blah blah blah work routine. 

What gets you through your day?
Is it a photo on your desk? Is it a phone call from your lover? Every morning without a doubt, I buy myself a small coffee. I don't care what anyone says that I'm wasting however-so-much-money-per-week... it's what gets my through my day. It's my little treat to myself... After a couple of hours work, my head gets all cluttered with jobs and things to do. So taking a walk to the coffee shop down stairs, and having a chat to the staff really breaks up my day and makes me forget work for a moment. Which is exactly what you want. 

If you have the opportunity to have a 15 minutes or an 1 hour break- you should try to make the most of it. Don't sit at your desk whilst you half eat/ half try to work... Talk some time for yourself! Eat your lunch with out any interruptions, have a chat to a colleague, get some fresh air. Do whatever you have to do to allow yourself to enjoy your break and take your mind of work for a little while and you should come back feeling fresh and ready to go!

If you are ever having a crappy day- exercise is one of the best ways to make yourself feel better! Even if you have had a great day, at some points during your week you should find the time to exercise. I'm not talking about running 10kms a day 5 days a week... I'm talking about taking time out for yourself, for as little as one day a week, and doing a work out that you enjoy.

Yoga & pilates are a perfect way to incorporate exercise into your weekly schedule! It's not too hard on your body, you always feel great and relaxed afterwards and it's a great way to socialise with friends or meet new people. And if you are finding that you are stressed or withhold a lot of anger, try an exercise will help you release your tension like boxing classes or PT. You never regret a workout!

Less social media more you time! 
Social media takes up a huge amount of time in our life and we usually don't even realise! I know it's pretty condescending when I have a blog haha... I can think of countless amounts of times where I can started scrolling (or stalking!) on Instagram/ Facebook and then next minute 3 hours have gone past... great I've just wasted another afternoon! I know a lot of people who live for Instagram and Snapchat.... As soon as they wake up: online. Every time they eat: online. Every time they do any normal life thing: online. How boring!

Try spending some time off social media... Instead of taking a selfie or having a stalk- use that time on yourself. Do something productive. You will thank yourself later!

Another week is done & dusted! Have you guys been following my THP? What do you all think? I loveeee reading your comments.

Stay tuned for next week!

Much Love!

Em x 

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