My first day at College

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today whilst I was bored out of my brains, in a dark room where I was supposed to be paying attention... I never thought that I would think it would be a great idea to document this. 

So, today, I guess it isn't really my *first* day at college- but it defiantly felt it is was... I'm pretty sure I went through every emotion possible... from anxiety, boredom, to anxiety, severe boredom, anxiety, so bored I wanted to stab my eyes out, to feeling relieved that the first day was over, to a rush of excitement... then I feel asleep- and I just woke up. So, yeah. I'm all sleepy & panda eyed whilst typing this. But you know, I guess this is that crazy uni life that everyone talks about...

So here I have complied a list of, I guess, things that went on today at my first day of college. 

Being shy is not an option
For an huge part of my day, I was told to meet the person on either side of me and behind & in front of me... I was perfectly fine with this as I'm naturally an annoyingly chatty person. But talking to some people, especially Luna (the lovely lady from China) was extremely hard to make conversation with and I nervous laughed the whole time. So really, being shy is no option. You just have to do it. I was kind of refreshing speaking to people from different cultures- so I treated it like a blessing in disguise. Although, I did attempt talking to a group of people by throwing myself in with "LETS MINGLE?!!!" and this did not work. They just stared at me weirdly, before continuing on with there conversation. Don't try that at home. 

I felt OLD 
I'm still 21 years old for another 2 days, but a LOT of people I met where around 17- 18 years old. So I felt the need to be their Mother Goose. For example, whilst one lunch, one of them suggested we walk down to get a coffee and I was super hesitant because of the time frame. So I was like "Right. We go now or not at all. And we have 5 minutes." Fully aware that I was bossy. But frankly, I didn't care what these kids thought. When it became time to go back, I gathered up my little ducklings and made sure they got to the correct room on time. Maybe I have involved into a nerdy grown up?

It was crazy how 'together' I felt my life was after describing it people today. Even though I still believe that it most defiantly isn't and I'm 90% lost, 10% know whats going on. Sometimes. Only sometimes. The kids that I met couldn't believe that I owned a car or had an open licence. I felt like I had gone back years of time with the whole 'pics or didn't happen' thing. So yeah, proving my grown up-ness today was defiantly a slap in the face. I guess, I do feel really old, but also kind of appreciative of where I am in my life. 

Literally every person is there to help you
With the 30 or so people that spoke to me today, every single one of them spoke about how they are there to help you. "Hello, I'm Emily. I am here to help you." I heard the whole "no question is a dumb question" about 20 times over... But as boring and as repetitive as it was, this was actually so assuring that people are there to support you. 

A lot of people had no idea what they where doing 
And it's totally normal. I had no idea what I was doing.

Maybe it's because I have worked full time for 3 years... but the majority of people that I met where not sure about there courses! One guy wants to be a pilot, but was told he was too young, so he decided to do Health Care to fill in those couple of years. Some others, not a clue. It took me 2-3 years out of school to make the right decision. If any of you guys are unsure of starting university, or a course, don't do. Go live a wild life, and if it's meant to be, then go back and do it! Be like me- it's never, ever too late. 

The great news about this though is a lot of people do drop out. I have been told that after the first week- your class will drop in half. And after the second week- the class will half again. I'll keep you updated to see if this actually happens. 


Well guys, this is life now. How exciting & weird. 

Is it your first year? Are you studying at the moment? Anddddd, would you life to see more of this? You know what to do- comment in the box below. And link me to your page because I loveeee finding new blogs. 

Also Pinterest provides a HUGE range of study help... Go ahead and type in study, or study notes or ideas and there is thousands of posts dedicated to help you study. I'll do another post next week about how my first week went and some tips or something helpful. Yay!

Talk soon, lovers. 

Em x 

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