Just a girl confessing her love for Aziz Ansari

Friday, February 05, 2016

Aziz, if you some how stubble across this post I just want to let you know that I love you. But not in a crazy stalker fan kind of way... but in a way that I wish you where my best friend. Because I need someone like you in my life. And I secretly think that you need me. 
From someone who is not stalking you, Emily. 
Oh, and p.s if you ever make another movie/ tv show/ need someone to feature in anything/ need an assistance: I'll be there. You don't even have to ask. 
That's how chill I am about our friendship. Ok. Peace out. Bye. 

So, I just had to throw that out there, you know.. just in case! Because if I could, I would be an actress in a heart beat... You're probably thinking why the hell is Emily obsessing over a 30 year old Indian? Who the hell is Aziz? If you're thinking this- I just want to let you know upfront that there is seriously something wrong with you. You should get looked at. 

You probably know Aziz from Parks and Recreations. But Aziz has just recently bought out a new series called Master of None, which you can watch it right now on Netflix. It is the best freaking show. I have never watched something that was so honest, relatable and tackles every kind of stereotype and modern day battles, such as feminism. I was in completely hooked in the first 2 minutes. (I swear it wasn't because it opened with a sex scene!) 

Like, have you ever seen a series or film that the main character is a 30 year old, single, Indian living in the city, trying to become an actor? Who's has friends that are of 3 different cultures and all have different beliefs? Features there own REAL parents in the show? Makes it feel ok that you're single, without children and have you're own idea of an relationship? Seen someone bail out a granny from a nursing home and loose her? And stands up for feminism, racism and sexism and everything else in between? AMAZING! 

What I loved most about Master of None was that it was so real. Every time I watched an episode, I would be so attached to every character that I felt like that I was apart of the show. And every time the episode would end, I would fall back down to reality and become depressed that I wasn't in a cool bar somewhere in New York anymore. 

 I can not recommend or rate this show enough. It's a 20/10. It's funny, romantic, eye opening, realistic... and that's a couple of words to name a few! And if you love the show (and I know you will) you should check out some of his stand ups, also on Netflix. I was crying from laughter. And once you have, you will understand why I have so much love for Aziz and stop thinking that I'm a crazy stalker fan. 

Em x 

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