How I'm being a happy person

Thursday, February 04, 2016

This year, I didn't make any of those #newyear #newme goals. They are always so completely unrealistic and unachievable! Like you just had Christmas where you can stuff your face happily everyday and drink endless bottles of alcohol... Then all of a sudden a new day begins and you decided "that's it! I'm going on an extreme paleo/ vegan/ whatever-diet-is-trending and loosing 10 kilos this month. Because this year I'm going to be skinny. Yay!" We all know that it's not going to happen... Just like how I'm never going to stop biting my nails. And hey, I've attempted stop for the last 10 years. 
Ok, back to my story. So instead of making any stupid and reckless goals, I just decided that everyday I was going to be a better person than what I was yesterday. So I'm starting off February by changing the way I think, to be a more positive person. And everyday, or week, I'm setting myself little goals that will make this happen. For example, todays goal was to compliment people. And last weeks was to wish everyone a good day. If you can set little goals everyday and put them into practice, you're off to a great start! 

And don't forget, it's ok to forget... It's all a working progress! that's why it's always best to start small than to kick yourself when you didn't loose any weight in the first month of January and go back to your old ways... 

Welcome, to my top 5 things that I like to do to keep myself being happy person! 

1. Say goodbye to Debby downers 
If you have someone in your life that walks over you/ puts you down/ isn't a good friend or lover/ bullies/ and the endless list goes on... just simply let them go. No one can control you life for you. This can be a ridiculiously hard thing to do. Two years ago, I decided to remove anyone in my life that wasn't there of me, or was simply weighing me down and stopping me from doing what I wanted. For a long time, I was worried that I had done the wrong thing. And in all honesty, If I didn't, I would probably be in that same negative place being the same sad person! 



2. Surround yourself with good people
Obviously, we don't get a choice sometimes... we can't choose our family & we defiantly can't choose who we get to work with. It's all about how you see it. If someone you work with is constantly miserable, all that I can say is: kill them with kindness. But for the people that we can choose to be around, like friends, choose the ones that make you laugh until you cry (so cliché, I know!) But it's true. Spend as much time as you can around good & genuine people and it will rub off. 



3. Change what you can, accept what you can't 
How many times can you think about something shitty thats happened and there was nothing you could do about it, but you decided to chuck a tantrum anyways. Is it making anything better? What is it doing to your mood? This takes a lot, but try to accept it, because being angry about it isn't going to make anything better or make it go back to how it was. 
4. Just saying 'hello!'
Being a good people and throwing a "hey, how are you going?!" with a big smile is so contagious, so spread that shit like glitter. Wish everyone a good afternoon. Ask everyone how there weekend was. Just be a good person and care. It's so rewarding! And it doesn't cost a thing. 

 When I first started to say "hello" to everyone, I found it hard (and kind of really annoying) when people don't say it back or ask me how I am. I remember saying last month "I am so over saying 'I hope you have a good afternoon!' and no one saying it back." But, after having a little sook, I thought about it. Why should someone not saying 'hello' back make me angry? Why would I let it bring me down? It shouldn't. It's not about the counting who says what and how often... it's about how it makes you feel to show that you care. And mostly, how it makes someone else feel. 



5. Think before you speak
This is so hard for me to do and I am one to blurt out whatever first comes to mind... But once you get into a good rhythm, it because second nature to you. A perfect example of this is when you answer the phone to someone who is angry... Before you say something in despite back, think "will being angry and rude back make the situation better?" No. It's only going to make you feel negative and they will get angrier. This goes back to the whole kill them with kindness rule! Think about it as, the person must be angry for a reason... therefore, being nice back to them doesn't kill your happy attitude, it doesn't cost a thing, and it can also change there attitude... making the whole situation better! Do you loose anything by doing this? No. So just doooooo it! 

Recently, I was getting angry about things that haven't happened yet. It's kind of like crying because you think you lover might break up with you or getting angry because you only have half a cake and not a whole (I know it sucks!) Yes it might be a stressful time, or super annoying, blah, blah, blah... but being angry about something doesn't make it better. Not even if it's happening, or happened. Not under any circumstances. 

Being angry doesn't make any fight or argument better. It doesn't make someone want to apologise, forgive or want to be around you. Starting a fight with someone doesn't fit anything. Nor does saying something in anger. Think about every fight that you have had, I bet you every time you have said something that you wish you never said. 

So, every time something does't go your way/ work out/ around angry people/ being in a situation that you can't change or control/ feeling like you're around to be in a negative mood- if you can ask yourself "will being in a negative mood make this better?" you're a few mighty big steps to being a happier person! Yay! 

I could go on for hours and probably, days... haha. 

Anyways, until next time! 


p.s: oh, I hope wherever you are- you're having a good day!

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