February Loves

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ohh, I do love February, I do! 

I think February is the greatest month of the year! Its the month that we start going back to normal from all the Christmas/ new years/ holiday season rush. It's still summer, but it starts to cool down. It has a day of love which everyone around the world celebrates at the same time. And, you know, it's my birthday too! I have always found that February feels so special. Do I sound crazy yet?

Anyways, I can not believe that February is almost half way through! 

I do not know why, but I have fallen in love in with big vintage glasses... I think they are perfect for day wear as they are not so dark and heavy and I adore the vintage feel they give. Oh, they're perfect. I am determined to find a pair of these asap. 
You can get this pair (and fall in love with everything) from Bon Look

I bought a denim dress 2 weeks ago from Dotti and I have fallen in love with little denim dresses! I wear mine just by it's self or with a plain or stripy tee underneath. There are so many different variations available from most stores at the moment... like sleeveless (what I have), scoop neck, button up, peplum... 
You can purchase this one from Market HQ

For the last 2 years (not including this one) I have cut my hair off to a bob during summer. This year I'm so desperately trying to pull through to see if I will enjoy having long hair again. I can't help it! Look how easy, effortless and cool it looks. If you have hair like this vvv right now, I am so envious of you! 

I have always been a brow person- I have a super round face so I do anything that I can to not look like I eat 20 doughnuts a day! Haha. I have never been set on a brow product until literally this afternoon when I went to benefit for my monthly brow wax! I have always found that no matter what product I use (crayons, pencil, powder...) its never the right colour. I find that the 'blondes' are too warm and the 'light browns' are way too dark. 
So today when I got my eyebrows waxed, the lovely Benefit staff suggested that I get my brows tinted. And omg- why haven't I done this sooner?! Right in this present moment they're perfect. Gimme Brow is kind of like a fibre mascara... but for your lashes. Amazing. 

What have you been loving lately? Leave a comment below or link me to your post! 

Happy Monday. 

Em x 

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