5 movies where stalking becomes love

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Romantic stalking is  all fun and games until you find out that the hot guy you met on Tinder isn't 25 and a electrician... his real name is really Craig and looks like a dried up prune.

I think all of us secretly deep down kind of like the idea of having a stalker... Or, more so the idea of someone wanting you really, really badly. But it's only ok if they have the face of baby Leo body of Jake Gyllenhaal, of course!   

There are a endless amount of movies out there that make stalking seem like the right away to make someone fall in love with you. Google it. Being Valentines day (soon), let's reminisce of these 5 films...

I know you have seen this movie about 50 times already and where once on myspace known as "-first name- Cullen". It was a great movie... About stalking. Think about it! When Edward first smelt Bella, it looked like he thought she smelt really bad. Which we now know that he only tensed up because he got *excited*.  So he stalked her and told her that she was "his own personal dose of heroine" and that he would always protect her. So she fell in love. 
 The End! Just kidding... then there was another 4 sequels made. 

Imagine someone asking "so how did you meet Bella?" and replying "oh, I feel in love with her the first time I smelt her". Excuse me whilst I heavily spray myself with perfume. 

Stalker behaviour: 9/10
saying that he can't stop stalking her because she is like a drug, watching her sleep, following her around

American Beauty 
Another classic stalking for love movie. Are you ever paranoid that someone is watching you get undressed? Film maker and weed seller, Ricky, moves in next door to Jane, and films her through her bedroom window. I guess she must have loved having someone film her getting nude because they decide that they only need each other and plan to runaway to the city. Awww?

Not to mention that the Dad, Lester, who is going through a crazy mid life crisis also falls in love and (kind of) becomes obsessed with his daughter (Jane) best friend, Angela. She just loves that any guy is infatuated with her. Only, it doesn't work out because is only in high school, damn.

Stalker behaviour: 7/10
unwanted filming, dad wanting a girl his daughters age, talking on a deep stalker level

50 First Dates
Lucy (Drew Barrymore) suffers from short term memory loss and wakes up every day forgetting everything that had happened the day before. And, Henry (Adam Sandler) literally (stalks) takes Lucy out of 50 dates without her ever knowing. And during the end, even abducts her. Henry should be in jail! But of course, with Henrys sense of humour and dedication (stalking), Lucy falls in love and remembers its all. Wow! Going on 50 unwanted and unknown dates is pretty stalkery...

Stalker behaviour: 7/10 (only because it's kinka cute)
taking someone on 50 unknown dates/ not giving up/ abducting

The Note Book
Noah wrote to Ally for 365 days. Thats 365 letters, everyday... It all begins when he forces Ally to go out on a date with him, where Noah pretty much said that he would spat dead on the ground unless she agreed to go out with him. She never did go out on a date with Noah. He made his best friend bring her along to the movies, where he watched her eat popcorn... He pretty much stalked her into loving him, and they had an amazing summer of love, until she moved away. And that's when he wrote to her for a year straight .  Then his obsession with her grew stronger, until everything that he did in life was for Ally. He thought that if he built her dream home, that she would come back. And you guessed it, Ally did come back. So they had some wild sex and broke off their other relationships and fell back in love. That's dedicated old school stalking at its finest. 

Stalker behaviour: 10/10
forces her out on a date/ writes 365 letters/ stalks her in the city/ builds house for her/ does everything in life for her 

A man from a faraway land, full of weird and wonderful creatures, tries to lure a 15 year old girl into a maze that she can not escape. He tries to keep her in his Labyrinth by making her believe that she doesn't love her family, just so he can make her his queen and keep her there forever. That is next level stalking. 

Stalker behaviour: 10/10
I think I have already covered it all 

And there you have it. 
Maybe just stalking your crush will work?!


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