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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello everybody!

 It has been WAAAAY too long... I have been super busy. You know with all the joy that working in retail over christmas brings! And I am currently in the midst  of starting up my very own website (trying).  Blah blah blah... life just got busy but here I am again! 

Today I am here to rave about Evo hair care! 

 I have dyed blonde hair and I enjoy being a salty little fish whenever I can; so I need as much hydration and protectant that I can get. Over Christmas when I was holidaying I forgot to bring my shampoo and conditioner with me. Which meant that I had no choice but to resort to using cheapo products. Straight away I noticed the difference, or should I say damage, in my hair. 

You know that feeling when a hairdresser washes your hair and it just smells amazing, without a speak of oil and looks so lovely? Well, the first time I had my hair washes with Evo I knew that I HAD to buy it! And honestly  every time that you wash your hair with Evo, you will get that same hairdresser feeling. every. single. time! 

I have been using Evo products for close to a year now, and they are so amazing when it comes to caring and protecting  your pretty little locks. And seriously the packaging is so great! Who even puts funny little words on the front of a shampoo bottle?? Evo do! 

Most products are around the $29.99 mark. Now, this may come across as expensive at first, butttt I usually get 2 months out of the shampoo and the conditioner lasts more than 3 months. And your hair with thank you for it!! Evo stocks so many different types of products to suit you mane... From sea salt sprays, to hair masks and a crazy huge range of shampoos and conditions...
You can grab these babies online at http://evohair.com 

Here are my babies that I use
ritual salvation shampoo// ritual salvation conditioner // mini mane prescription (treatment)// love touch spray 

Hair dressers recommend that when washing your hair you shampoo twice and leave a 20cent amount of conditioner in your hair for a good couple of minutes. The love touch spray is just a little extra incentive! All you need to do is spray a little on your hair (wet or dry) and it will get you a whole extra shine and a smelling like you just showered in watermelon and strawberries. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been typing, typing, typing... and have a whole heap of posts ready to go! And fingers crossed it won't be long until I have my own website. 

Love Emily 

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