10 days: Summer Essentials 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello everyone... It's 10 days till summer!!
Oh, summer makes me so happy. I love everything about it! I love the fashion, the heat, the beach, the sun kissed skin, the food, how the days get longer, even the relief when you finally are in air conditioning... I just love everything about summer!

 So, over the next 10 days, starting today, I am counting down until summer arrives with summer inspired blog posts! This first post is going to be an overall post of what you are yet to see over the next 9 days... 

So let the first post begin!


When I think of summer essentials, I think of the absolute bare necessities. You need to get your self a good pair of sunnies, sunscreen, swimsuit and a light summer dress that you can throw over almost everything. This is my list of what summer essentials that everyone needs for this years hot summer. 

The Day Dress... 
When shopping, shop for something that you know that you will wear even in the hottest of hottest days... Try to find something that has cool, breathable fabric, preferably a cool colour, like white, and something that you can wear over a pair of swimmers and out for lunch.

The Late night Dress...
Anything that is navy or white, I think, is perfect for summer! I am in love with this Minkpink slinky dress... its strechy, soft, and has a shimmery fabric... it has everything that  you need for a night out 

The shoes... 
These Windsor Smith sandals are perfect for both day & night. 

The hair care...
Evo has the most amazing range in hair care! The Great Hydrator is the perfect hair protector product that will take care of your hair for you. A great tip for looking after your perfect locks is to buy a cheap little travel conditioner and just before you know that you are going in for a dip, coat your ends with the conditioner, and this will help protect your hair from drying out in the salt water. Plus it makes it feel amazing when you are swimming around!

The sunscreen... 
Remember the Banana Boat sunscreen ad with the baby? Well, that baby was onto something. Banana Boat is my all time favourite when it comes to protecting my skin from the sun. The best part is that the brand has so many different sunscreens that will fit your every need... sports, water resistant, spray, for babies... Whatever floats your boat, banana boat has! 

The towel... 
Round towels are in the summer... and I can defiantly see why! Firstly, you can lay on it anyway that you want to, it can be used as a picnic rug and of course, the look amazing! 

☼ ☼ 

So there you have it! There is the first look at what you will be seeing over the next 9 posts over the next 9 days to get you excited for summer. 

See you tomorrow for my summer beauty post!

Emily xx 

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