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Friday, October 30, 2015

If you're not doing anything exciting this Halloween,  like me, spend the night in with a bucket of popcorn and watch a couple of good horror movie!

There are obviously a truck load of horror films, new and old, good and bad and of course based on whole a range of horror like aliens, ghosts, serial killers, magic, blah blah blah... whatever makes your skin crawl... But, I am a chicken when it comes to scary things... Seriously, everything scares me. So I have listed my favourite horror movies (that I have actually watched and is bearable). 

There are also the super scary ones (that are defiantly not for me) like The Poltergeist, The Conjuring,  The Exorcist, Wolf Creek, Let Me In, Saw... if you have/ can watch these I really do think there is something wrong with you!

So if you are anything like me who googles "scary movies that really are not that scary" when looking to watch a film... You'll love my list below. 

The Sixth Sense 
This is such a great classic scary movie filled with so much suspense, a wicked twist and of course the infamous quote "I see dead people". I can't give too much of the story away, but the movie is about a young boy who sees dead people and a whole lot of other crazy twisted things and events that follow. And the best part about this movie is that is that the director says the film is a true story & the young boy in the film was him. Duh, duh, DUH...

The Blair Witch Project 
This is one of those films that leaves the ending all up to you to decide upon. It's based on what is supposed to be a true story and about the real Blair Witch. You don't actually get to see the Witch, just a whole lot of crazy things that happen in a forest... like screeching, weird twig formations, a whole lot of blood and missing people. The whole film is created really well as it is mostly filmed on the actors camera. After I watched this movie, I didn't sleep for the night. Defiantly a must see if you like the unknowing!

The Others 
This is another great paranormal film with a massive plot twist! It's about a mother with 2 children and the caretakers who live in a mansion who over time find out their home is haunted. Or is it? It's filled with a whole lot of creepy silences and suspensive scary music that will keep you on edge throughout the whole movie. I actually watched this one during the day and it still scared the begeebers out of me!

Dead Silence 
Holy shit. That's all I can say. I was forced to watch this at a friends 14 year old birthday party. I have been scarred by those creepy Raggedy Anne dolls ever since. I don't even know why I am suggesting to someone to watch this. Anyways, I should stop sooking and tell you what it's about! The movie is about a doll named Billy who will cut your tongue off if you scream... hence the name the dead 'silence'. Billy has been passed on through families and who knows where it actually started... and unfortunately, a really stupid husband thought it was a great idea to by a creepy doll to suprise his wife who can't get pregnant with Billy. Stupid husband. 

American Horror Story
Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel... any of these 5 seasons will give you goose bumps and get your heart racing. I am up to date with all of these seasons and I have loved watching every gruesome, twist and extremely f*cked up scene, even though most of them I was covering my eyes. Preferably, if you are going to start, start at season 1 and work your way though. The Murder House is my all time favourite season anyways, as it is featured in a modern day life with heaps of throw backs and unexpected twists. 

Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hunter is a TV series about a group of Ghost experts who venture off to the most haunted houses/ theme parks/ hospitals/ asylums/ light houses... anything really. If it's haunted, yep, they've been there! Although most of these episodes nothing happens, so have a google of what episodes actually do and you will be in for a real treat! Sometimes it's really hard to know if these things actually happened or if it's all put on. But it's defiantly enough to creep me out! 

And there you have it! Typing this has given me the chills! If you still are not amused, google some stories like the real Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Family cult which is based in Mt Dandenong in Melbourne and the House of Monte Cristo which is the most haunted house in Australia. 

And as you know there are a ton of videos of youtube... I'll link you to my favourite that I have been watching all week about the craziest realistic clown pranks. Creepy.

Sleep well & happy Halloween! 

Emily x

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