Little acts of kindness

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I have had the worst week (and it's only Thursday!) I don't want to be negative Nancy, so I will keep it short and simple... At this current moment, I don't have a home. I have all that I own in a garage at my boyfriends mothers house whilst she is over seas. The plan was that we would have found somewhere to live before she gets back (next week). But we haven't. And like I said, everything is in the garage, including my bed. I have messaged 40+ people on flatmates, and have only had 2 reply. The first was lovely, went to meet her, never heard from her again. And the second after meeting her and attending open houses, we agreed that we would be flatmates. I was ecstatic! All of my worries went out the door! I went to meet her the next day for another inspection, and 5 minutes before I left work I got the message that she decided to go with someone else. 

So I am back to square one. 

I'm not even kidding when I say that I cried in fetal position for a very, very long time. And then I spent a few hours just staring into space and thinking about how I have lost all faith in humanity. I am  just so incredibly stressed and unorganised, it's a joke. I can't think straight. I have been trying to find a home for at least 3 months now and a roommate for 6 weeks! 

I was still feeling deflated this afternoon, and as I was leaving work for the day, and one of the lovely ladies that I work with told me that she found my blog and loved it. I couldn't believe it! It put a smile on my face ear to ear. It is actually crazy how far a little act of kindness, compliment or even a smile can go. They are all contagious. If someone smiles at you, you smile back. These little things are what makes the world go around. We need to sprinkle kindness everywhere like glitter. 

It certainly put me back in my happy place again, which reminded me of what makes me happy. And it's this! I needed to have my rant, let it out, stop sooking, get the shit that I need to do done and just keep pushing forward. 

I have very big ideas for the next coming month. 
So I promise I will post again very, very soon! 

All my love x

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