Summer time sadness: how to get through winter

Saturday, August 15, 2015

There are only 2 and a bit weeks left until winter is finally over in Australia, yay! My winter is not at all really cold, but more so annoying. It's not cold enough to wear a jumper during the day, but not warm enough to show some legs. There is just this big grey cloud that hovers for a good month or two. I find that most days I end up shouting at the sky "either let it rain or let it be sunny! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!" Unfortunately, the weather man never gets my messages... so I end up wearing some weird outfit that not only looks like I'm dressed for snow, but also if the sun was the miraculously shine, I have something on that I could swim in. I haven't decided if it is a win-win situation, yet.

What I have learnt is that I do the same thing every year: struggle. 

Like I said, I struggle to get dressed everyday. I struggle to get out of bed every morning. I struggle to get into the shower... and of course, I struggle to get out over the shower. I struggle to stop eating comfort food. Winter truly is a time for struggling. 

Each year, around mid Autumn, I happen to hear someone say the one thing that I do not want to hear... "You know, winter is just around the corner." Oh shit. I make the same promise every year to buy myself some new jackets and long pants, thinking that maybe if I had some nice winter clothes to wear I can make it through this. I never follow through with my promise. Maybe that is why I have so much bad luck? 

I'm not even kidding when I tell you that I own 3 pairs of long pants, and two of them have holes in the crutch. I just keep sewing them back up when the cold weather approaches. This year, I did lash out and buy 1 nice pair of jeans and 1 jumper. Thankfully, these two key pieces have got me through, so far. The only problem is when I go out in the same outfit that I've been seen in at least 15 times, I cry a little bit when I see someone who has an amazing winter get up. The winter passes through here so quickly, that there is really no point on wasting more money on clothing. And technically, its not really that cold compared to most places... But I don't care where you are from. It is cold, and I feel it in my bones. 

I was going to dedicate this post on how I try to get through winter, but I have learnt that there is no honest way. You can do what I do and layer on some clothing, curl up into foetal position and cry until it is over... 

A hot drink will keep you warm for 15 minutes during the night. Wearing socks to bed will only work for a hour or two, because you will kick them off. And wearing two pairs of socks to bed, tucked into your pants, will also not keep them on. Wearing your hair down will keep your ears warm. Beanies look like shit. I don't understand how to make a scarf look good. Who even wears gloves anymore? I feel like a cowboy when I wear boots. Make a blanket your best friend. And hope for the best.

And before you know it, the good ol' Aussie, 20 degrees, winter is over and I can go back to drinking iced coffees and wearing no clothes. 

E x

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