12 thoughts every girl has whilst online shopping

Monday, August 24, 2015

I'll just have a quick look...
I'll just have a quick look at Sports Girl. Just to see what new clothes have come in...

You end up wanting everything  
Ohh, I like that. And that. And that! Ok, everything is amazing. I'll just add everything to the shopping cart and see how much it comes to in total, even though I have no money. This is fun!

When you realised your up to no good
I swear I'm not going to buy anything... but everything is so nice. And I NEED that top. 

The process of elimination
Ok, so I obviously don't have $600, so I'll just remove some items... Ohhh, I guess that has to go. Anddd so does that... Or do I want that? Alright now I'm left with a couple to decide on.

You tell yourself that you deserve it
I guess I'll have to get something... I work so hard. I deserve it. No one can tell me how to live my life or spend my money. Yeah, lets do this!

So you work out a budget
I can get the top... or that dress... of the other dress... How much is two? I'll just check to see how much money I have... Yep. That could work. Two it is. I'll get two. Then I swear I won't buy anything for a long, long time.

Entering your card details
Yep. This feels good, I'm glad I did this.

Whilst the transaction was going through
Nope. This is bad. This is very bad. I shouldn't have done this...

Waiting for your order to arrive & hitting panic mode
*Checks email* *Checks date* *Checks letter box* *Checks email again* Ugh, it should be there by now... What if they lost my order... What if it never arrives... I really need it to be here tomorrow or I'll have nothing to wear... Oh please get here soon!

When your order finally arrives
FINALLY! Welcome home my pretties... This is my closet, where you will live.

The last vow
I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything for a long time. But this time, I swear!
 I don't need anything else, anyways...

One week later...
I'll just have a quick look...

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