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Thursday, July 09, 2015

I'm always looking for some different to do to my hair... I start work at 6am Monday to Friday, so I want to find something super quick and easy to do, yet unique. I've always loved playing around with hair and sky is the limit with hairstyles. You can find hair accounts on Instgram, but my go-to place to get some hairspiration is on Pinterest. 

I have made a little list on my favourite tutorials that are so easy and effortless. 
*All of the images below are from Pinterest has a stunning blog. You must check it out! 
1. Give your hair a side part and plait a dutch braid (reverse braid) 
2. Create a smaller plait at the front
3. Braid into a plait and pull, pull, PULL the strands of the plait out. It will make it super big and puffy, just like in the photo. Easy

1. Tye your hair into a low pony, leaving out the side pieces (around your ears area)
2. Braid the pony. Add texture by throwing in a few smaller plaits.
3. Wrap the left out hair around the hair elastic, secure & pull apart the braid. 

1. Tye hair up into a messy lower bun, leaving out the side pieces of your crown. You can use a hair tie and it will be secure but pinning the bun with bobby pins will make it look a lot messier. 
2. Braid each side of the crown into a simple plait and pull to the back, crossing each one over and securing with bobby pins. 
3. Pull out face framers & push hair around to make it a bit messy

 I love this look of Serena from GossipGirl!
1. Pull out the side crown of your hair and throw into easier a small mess bun in the back of your hair or secure with bobby pins. The messier the better. Perfect for big curly hair. 

1. Grab your hair and throw into a messy bun on the lower back of your hair, using a hair elastic. You can tease the hair for extra volume.
2. Pull out hair and make messy, then secure the bits of hair with bobby pins
3. Pull out face framers

1. Start with a side part and braid the hair in a simple braid on the side right down to where your hair ends.
2. Secure with a elastic and pull out strands of the braid, making it big and messy. 
3. Pull out face framers. 

Super quick.
And best of all fun! 

Emily x

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