Fishtail dutch braid

Friday, July 10, 2015


I have been loving a big messy fishtail braid (if you couldn't already tell by my last post!) and decided to show you a couple of photos of how I style my head-band braid. Sorry about the poor quality of photos, my camera has ran out of life! 

You can create a fuller braid or plait by doing it dutch (upside down). Instead of placing the hair over, try placing it underneath as it lifts the hair up. The first 3 photos is a regular fish braid, but upside down and the last 2 photos is just a regular dutch braid with a low & messy bun. I'm thinking about filming a few hair tutorials, what do you guys think? 

Happy Friday Lovers. x

 Tee: Sports Girl // Singlet: Quirky Circus 

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