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Thursday, July 16, 2015


 Depop is a fantastic up and coming app that you can sell your clothes on. It's like Instagram and Ebay made a love child. It is extremely easy to use and attractive app. 
All you need to do is make a account and you can start selling. I am so impressed with how simple and quick it is to now buy and sell a item. It is linked to Instagram so you can actually post to your own account, or you can of course choose not to. 

-You can post up to 4 photos
-You have followers and can follow other accounts
-You can tell your followers a little bit about yourself or why you are selling
-Search for a brand or item 
-Explore the popular page
-Link your profile to your Paypal account
-You can rate and be rated for your experience or 

What I love most about this app is how much it is like Instagram. Unlike Ebay, the photos are not boring and basic. Depop asks you to upload up to 4 photos that are exciting and beautifully advertised. Also you get the opportunity to negotiate with the seller which means you don't have to wait days upon days to "win" a item, like Ebay. If you like a item, and have come to terms with the buyer, all you need to do is hit the 'buy' item and it's done!

Here is a picture below of what Depop looks like...



I love, love, LOVE this app. This app helps you to relax and control yourself to relax. All you need to do is take 10 minutes out of your day, put a set of headphones on and do as instructed. You get 10 sessions for free and after that it is a small fee per month. I have not payed for my account yet as I haven't made it through the 10 sessions, but for free, it is defiantly worth the download! 

There are little playful animations to keep you interested, set reminders and an area that you can track your process and share with your best bud (to make sure that you both stay on track!) Over a process of time you learn a huge range of techniques, that in the long run are incredibly helpful for times of stress, anxiety, anger and day to day life. The app teaches you a range of breathing techniques to calm yourself in any situation and how to clear your mind. Here are a few photos of Headspace. 


Heads up! 

Ellen DeGeneres created this fun app and it is one of my favourites. It costs $1.29 but it is defiantly worth it! Once you have downloaded the game there are 7 different games that you can play: Superstar, act it out, animals gone wild, blockbuster movies, icons, legends & stars, accents & impressions and hey mr DJ. 

All you need to do is have a partner and select a game to play... One person has the phone and a word appears on the screen that the other person acts it. The person with the phone has to guess the word, when right you flip the phone down or if unsure, flip it up. The game only goes for a minute and videos the whole thing. So you can have a really good belly laugh after. It's so much fun and a really quick way to have a laugh. You must download it and have a go! I'll leave you with a video of the Heads Up game with Sophie & Ellen... so funny!

With love Emily x

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