What you didn't know about makeup

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Below is a photo of the crazy amount of makeup that I own! I must say, I haven't bought a lot of it myself, but I have picked it up for free from Priceline with their free gift bags over time... 

Anyways, I always knew that makeup and cosmetics always had an expiry expiry date... One day your mascara is easy to apply and the next it is all lumpy and thick! I only found out the other day that there is a 'date' that tells you how long to keep the product for!

If you click on the photo it will make it bigger (if you can't see!) There is a little picture of a opened container and in the middl of it will have a number which is the amount of months that the product is usable for after it has been opened! I don't know if your mind is blown, but mine sure is!! 

The Essie and the foundation below both last for 24 months. Which is a lot longer than what I expected! And most mascaras last around 6 months. 

You defiantly learn something new every day! I was so amazed by this that I had to share it. I'm not sure if this was common knowledge and I was left out of the loop, but I sure am happy that I now know this. Do you know any beauty secrets or hacks? Comment in the box below, I would love to know more!

Emily x 

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