A world coloured in rainbow

Sunday, June 28, 2015

How exciting is it that gay marriage is now legal in American! 

One by one, country after country is legalising gay marriage and it really is so special. I am so incredibly happy that I have been able to witness such a monumental and beautiful thing happen to the world. It's so exciting to scroll down on Facebook and see that a lot of peoples display pictures are coloured with rainbow and the hashtag #loveislove is floating around all over the net. 

There is quite a big list of celebrities that would not marry until it was legalised and Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff are one of them. Lena spoke to Ellen DeGeneres on her show earlier this year to say that she will not marry Jack until gay married is legalised in all 50 states. And said this lovely quote:

"The idea of having a celebration that can't be fully shared among all the people in my life and all the people that we love just doesn't really feel like a celebration at all. So until that's something that everyone can join into with no sense of being left out on any level, politically, emotionally -- it's just not something that we're gonna do." 

It saddens me that Australia still has not made gay marriage legalised yet. How behind the times are we? I don't understand that people can marry inanimate objects but humans can not marry other humans. There is Erika Eiffel who is married to the Eiffel tower, Jannene Swift who married a rock and Sandy K was previously married to the Twin Towers. There is a endless list. And humans in Australia still can not marry other humans. Why? We all have the same parts, the same emotions, the same love. 

 I really hope that this movement will get Tony Abbot on board. It's about time he does something ballsy and speaks up for Australia....

Until then, keep fighting Australia! 
I'll leave with a photo that leaves me feeling all warm and giddy inside. This is Jack Evans and George Harris, both in their 80's, who have both waited 55 years to marry each other. Yesterday, they where first to wed. 

Emily x

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