Planting succlents

Saturday, June 06, 2015

 I decided that this long weekend I decided that I am going to finally plant some succulents! They are extremely easy to look after... You only need to water them when the soil dries out or every 4-5 days. They only need a small amount of water. 

You can use any pot you like, any shape, colour, glass, plastic, ceramic, tin, mug, wooden... They look really nice in a purple or black pot to give it a nice pop of colour amongst the greenery. You can also add little coloured pebbles or rocks to give it more colour and texture. Pinterest has a few different ideas for pots that you can paint and diy yourself, just like these 

I picked up the 3 succulents from the markets for $10. Otherwise Bunnings or Gardening shops sell them singularly for no more than $5. I also chopped off a small part of my Money Tree plant and put it in a small jar. When it grows, I should be able to see the little roots. So let's plant!

1. Collect your little plants and depending on your pot size, you might need some extra soil. I have compost that I use for my herbs and strawberries and filled it into the pot because mine was quite deep, but you can get some dirt out of your garden. I'm sure you can find some.  It is quite messy so it is best to do this out doors!

2. If your succulents are in little plastic cases, give each side a slight squeeze before carefully lifting them out. Giving them a squeeze will loosen up the roots, so they won't tear when you pull them out.

3. Pop them into the pot however you like them. Slightly push down the soil around it so they are secure and fill the leftover area with some more soil and give them a light sprinkle with water. And you are all done!

This is how my little plant turned out!

Here is my little and super cute money tree succulent! If you have one in your garden, just simply chop it straight off the stalk and it will continue to grow by themselves. 

Happy Saturday!

Emily x

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