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Saturday, June 13, 2015

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There are only two things that I don't like involving cleaning up. One is that I can't stand washing up and two is that I  also can't stand putting my clothes away. Trust me, I love the satisfaction of having a clean home and clothes hanging perfectly in my closet... but I also know that this cleaning cycle is endless. Every day, for the rest of our lives, we will have to do the dishes and put away our clothes. The thought of that makes me cringe! 

I was always messy as a child and as a teenager. My parents used to get so cross with me because I could never keep my room clean, but I honestly thought I would grow out of it. Now, the older I get I am realising that I incorporate messy things into my day to day life. 

Now, believe me, my home is clean. It's always just that subtle mess that we create naturally by living our lives... And when I have guest it's always remarkably spotless. And yes, the dishes are done with every meal... But when I cook I somehow manage to use every utensil and dish possible. To create something great, I believe that you have to create mess. Have you ever heard of an artist that is clean when they are painting? Well, I haven't and maybe there is, maybe there isn't... but I can't see any one who is painting not be messy with there colour pallet. 

I have been picked up on at work so many times that I am a messy worker. I work in retail and get to visually merchandise sides. So, I take a lot of the stock off, fix the shelves, put it back on beautifully and price it perfectly. It looks fantastic... But at the end of my shift I am left with a trolley filled with tickets, rubbish, old stock, broken objects, fixtures and bits of plastic. I just can't comprehend how someone can make something look so good and create no mess... Tell me your secrets! 

Even when I clean the house I am messy. I will clean the whole house perfectly, but I somehow manage to leave the cleaning product bottles scattered in places and the mop left against a wall.  I know it may seem like it defeats the whole purpose of cleaning, but hey, at least I tried! 

The worse of all would have to be my closet. Or as Harry calls it "the pit". Honestly, it is a pit. This is created by taking clothes on and off receptively until I find the perfect out fit. It is just a big pile of work uniforms, dirty socks and clothes that I wore for an hour before I change my mind. I haven't quite mastered the art of hanging my clothes up when I'm not wearing them, yet. I have tried endlessly to do so as I go, but it becomes too time consuming. I hardly have time as it is to get dressed and ready to be putting my un-worn clothes back on the hanger. 

I love looking at un-realistic pictures on Pinterest of minimalist rooms with no more than 10 items of designer clothing, hanging perfectly on wooden coat hangers on a simple rail. And lounge rooms displayed perfectly with artistic decorations... How? No one can possibly own 2 tee shirts and a skirt! Have you seen celebrity closets? Those pictures are so unrealistic and unliveable. 

Quite frankly, messes are great. Messes are my friend. And I am happy that I am messy. Because this means that I make delicious food, wear on-point outfits and do a wonderful job at work. To all those mess-makers out there, keep creating those lovely messes!

Emily x 

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