A little thankyou

Sunday, June 14, 2015

To the small following of people out there that follow my blog or stop by to read a post.... 


It is incredible that just over 2 months ago I started Generally Emily. Now I have 25 posts, that I stop by daily myself to read because I am so happy with all that I have achieved.
 Here is my long story, short:

Back in 2012, I had the slight thought about how incredible it would be to be a writer. Although, I kept my journey quiet as I didn't think it would be something that would be possible to achieve. After all the struggle, life lessons, the 2 step forwards and 10 steps back... I decided to trust my slightest instinct to start writing. So each day, I put pen to paper and would write about whatever came to mind. I have always loved to read and I think when you read intelligent books and only did average in English class it's incredibly threatening to write, even when know one ever read it. 

So with all my self doubt, I continued to write more and more and continued to not share. Not much longer after I had a curiosity for university. And after a few hundred pep talks, I decided to send away an article to Hello Giggles. I panicked and constantly checked my emails awaiting for a reply. They did. My article wasn't in the right format (I have a Mac) and asked for me to send it through again. Being Emily, I contemplated sending it through again, but I talked myself into thinking that it 'stupid' and that 'no one would read it'. 

2 steps forward and 10 steps back...

I had another few serious pep talks and decided it was time. Time to stop letting people tell me who I am and who I am not. I eliminated anyone who would criticise and wouldn't support me, and it built up my confidence immensely. Knowing that the right people would come into my life, and stay. It felt incredibly liberating that I was supporting myself and doing something for myself for the first time. 

I then created my blog Generally Emily and posted my first post. It was scary, overwhelming and I immediately wanted to delete it almost instantly. I hardened up, left it there and now here I am. Three years later and twenty five posts later, I am feeling so confident with myself and I know that this is the right decision. I am going to do whatever it takes for me to be a successful writer. I am still intimidated by the thought I am not intelligent enough, I am boring or it simply won't be for me... But i am going continue to follow my first little thought. 

This week coming I should have my letter back from uni to find out if I was accepted or not to commence Journalism  in 2016. I am so excited, nervous and anxious for whatever is to come. But it also feels so right! And I am so ready! I have no idea how I am supposed to stop working full time and afford to live... But with all my worry, I know that it will somehow it will all work out!

For all those people that don't know what they want to be in school or not worthy enough, don't worry about a thing. Every little thing in life happens for a reason and somewhere along the windey road that you are following, it will lead you to somewhere great. 

Thankyou & shine on you beautiful people.
I wouldn't be a blog without you.

All my Love, Emily xx

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