May's music review 2015

Sunday, May 03, 2015


I am obsessing over 3 new artists this month: Banks, Conrad Sewell and Montgomery. They are all under the age of 27 and are making extraordinary music. I have always been obsessed with new artists because there music is so genuine. I feel like that they try and try and try and when they finally are heard they are just magical. But anyways, before I begin, if you haven't heard, Ed Sheeran is coming back to tour Australia in November and tickets go on sale on May 5th. I saw Ed Sheeran in March and he was out of this world. So, of course I am without a doubt, I'm going again. I'm already so excited! But now, let's get back to this months faves. 

I have been obsessed with Banks for a long time now. Her latest album "Goddess" is ridiculous. I can't put any words together to sum up her music other then that it's defiantly dark with hypnotising beats. You can get lost in all of her songs. I'm so excited for what else is to come from this new artist. If you like Lorde, and haven't checked out Banks yet... do it! My favourites are 'Waiting Game', 'This is what it feels like' and "bedroom walls". But seriously, every song is amazing. She is touring around America at the moment... Fingers crossed that she will come to Australia! 

I was only first introduced to Conrad Sewell when he opened for Ed Sheeran at Riverstage in Brisbane, almost 2 months ago. He was incredible and Ed couldn't have chosen a better performer to open for him. There was only himself and a guy playing a piano on stage and that's when I fell in love. Anyone who can stand on a stage with only a microphone and a guitar or piano is truly amazing. My favourite part about him is that he is a Brisbane boy! You probably have heard his song on the radio "Hold me up" or "Fire Stone". He is doing a couple of shows in Sydney and Melbourne in September for only $20! They are for sale now on . Unfortunately he hasn't bought out an album, but ohhh I can't wait till he does. He is defiantly one to watch.

New Clear War
Montgomery is a bit hush, hush. I honestly don't know much about her at all expect that she is from my home town, the Gold Coast, and she makes amazing music. She is preforming in Sydney on May 7th, Melbourne on Friday 8th, and Brisbane on Friday 15th. You can keep updated with her via her Facebook page or instagram. My favs are 'Pinata' and 'Not Around'.
 Defiantly another up and coming artist to look out for!

Stick around to find out who I'm obsessing over next month in June. P.s I'm more then sure that Lorde is going to be dropping another album soon! Her last album I literally listened to it on repeat for 6+ months. I can not wait! Check out her instagram @lordemusic 

 Who are you listening to? Comment in the box below with what you think. 

E x

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